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    Linking & Pointing

    • Linking to Our Site
    • Requesting a Link to Your Site
    • Link Exchange
    • Report a dead Link
    • Our Linking Policy

    Linking to our Website:

    You can link to our website by placing a hyperlink, banner or logo onto your site, so that visitors to your site can be directed to our website. Subject to your compliance at all times with our Linking Policy, mentioned below, you can link to us placing a hyperlink, banner or logo onto your site. If you want to use any of our images, please download a copy of that image in order to serve it from your own Website, do not link to them on our website.

    In fact, we encourage and permit links to our website, and it is not necessary to request permission to make any such links. However, we do reserve the right to request the removal of any such link.

    A link to our site must not be used to imply endorsement of your website, related products or services, or for any other commercial purposes. Your site must not conflict with our Linking Policy

    We do not permit a website to link to our site if it contains material which is libellous, defamatory, pornographic, obscene, or is in any way a breach of the laws of Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, United States of America or any other international law; or if it infringes any third party intellectual property rights.

    Requesting a link to your site

    Our website includes links to external sites. We only link to sites that we believe provide useful information that will be of interest to our users. We have no control over any such sites; do not endorse the content, operators, products or services of such sites; and are not responsible or liable for the content, operators, availability, accuracy, quality, advertising, products, services or other materials on or available from such sites. If you would like to request a link to your site please email to us at

    We will contact you if we decide to add a link to your site. Requests will be granted or refused at the discretion of All Round View. We will not enter into any correspondence about decisions.

    You can also suggest us linking to other sites that you think will be useful and helpful to the visitors of our site.

    Link Exchange/Reciprocal Linking:

    We only link back to our partner or project sites that we have an association with. Please e-mail us at, and provide us as much details as possible, including the URL address of the website that you wish us to link to.

    Report a Dead Link:

    You can help us keep our site live and operational, and to maintain its shape and quality all the time, therefore we will appreciate if you report us about any broken or non-functional link that you may find. Please e-mail us at, and provide as much details as possible, including the URL address of the page on our site where you find any such broken or non-functional link.

    Our Linking Policy:

    Linking to our website by any means is subject to these terms and conditions.

    • 1) You are permitted to provide and maintain a link to our site’s Homepage only at our URL You can not direct the link to any other website or page contained within our website.
    • 2) The link must be created in such a way so as our site All Round View occupies its own window and is never loaded inside of a frame.
    • 3) You must ensure that, upon using or accessing the link, every visitor is made aware that he is leaving your website and entering our site.
    • 4) Upon reaching our website, the address bar on the user’s browser must display the URL of our site, and you may not use any technical device to replace the URL shown to visitors.
    • 5) You shall not at any time adapt or use, otherwise than in accordance with the provisions of these terms and conditions, any marks, domain names, drawings, symbols, emblems, logos, designations or names which include or are confusingly similar to or a colourable imitation of any of our trade marks, logos, domain name etc used by All Round View.
    • 6) You shall not at any time do authorise or permit any act or omission which in any way shall alter, harm, misuse or bring into disrepute, impair or adversely effect the Marks.
    • 7) The link will always stand alone and will not be combined with any other graphical elements.
    • 8) The link will not appear more prominently than your personal, company, product or service website name.
    • 9) The link will be used solely for the purpose of linking to our site All Round View.
    • The link will not create or give the appearance of creating an endorsement, approval, sponsorship, affiliation or recommendation of any product or service by All Round View.
    • You will not transfer, assign, sell, reproduce, distribute or otherwise exploit your use of the link.
    • You shall use all reasonable endeavours to prevent the unauthorised introduction into our site All Round View of any virus, disabling device or obscene, defamatory or pornographic material or anything that could result in the degradation of the performance or user experience of the site of All Round View. If any such unauthorised virus, device or material is introduced and found by, or brought to your attention, you shall notify All Round View immediately and take all reasonable steps to remove such virus, device, material or performance degrading element as soon as possible.
    • The link will not be used or displayed in any way that disparages All Round View or our products or services, infringes any intellectual property or other rights of All Round View, violates any national or international law, or diminishes or otherwise damages the goodwill of All Round View in any sense.
    • The link will not be used in any way that infringes the Intellectual Property Rights of any third party.
    • We do not permit our website to be loaded into frames on your site. Our site must load into a user’s entire window. Nor should you insert any graphic into, or play audio content over, our content, nor allow a pop-up to appear simultaneously with our content.
    • All Round View reserves the right to revoke your right to link to our site for any reason, in which case you agree to remove the link and stop use of the link within one working day of notice of revocation. In such a case, you will be prohibited from reinstating the link or using the logo without further written permission from All Round View.
    • On revocation, you shall immediately remove any reference to All Round View from your site and as soon as reasonably possible remove any reference to All Round View from any promotional or other published material or destroy all such materials containing any reference to All Round View, and shall furnish All Round View with a certificate executed by a duly authorised employee certifying the same has been done.
    • Nothing in this agreement and no action taken by the parties pursuant to this agreement shall constitute, or be deemed to constitute, the parties a partnership, association, joint venture, the agents of each other or any other co-operative entity.
    • You acknowledge that All Round View accepts no responsibility for nor makes any representation or warranty, express or implied, with respect to the provision of the All Round View Website whatsoever.
    • These terms and conditions shall be governed by all the associated local and international laws; and, any dispute between you and us concerning or arising out of these Terms and Conditions shall be subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of local courts and international courts and bodies.
    • All Round View reserves the right to amend and alter these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice; and your continued provision of the link indicates your consent to such changes.