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    About All Round View

    Today, we live in an information based society where we need authentic and organized information to keep moving in the right direction; where most of our decisions, beliefs and values are based on what we know, and on the information we have. If we observe facts, then we come to know that media is behind all the information based on which we think and make decisions in our daily lives. We know about its multi-dimensional effects as well as its visible and invisible impacts on our society and the new generation. In fact, the “Media Factor” is behind all these elements that are playing a vital role in making the mindsets of the masses, and setting new trends in the society. This is the reason that the media factor is widely and effectively used not only to bring radical changes in any society, but also to introduce new concepts & ideologies as well as new brands & products in that society. In fact, media is not only providing us information, but it is also setting paths for all of us to move on. In a broader sense, we can say that we have put our trust on media as an authority to give us knowledge, information and guidance in every walk of life.

    This era is known as the information era or age of information, where it is extremely easy to find any kind of information on internet in the twinkling of eyes. Just think of any word or topic and type it in any search engine or try to find it on social media platforms, you will get plenty of information or “Flood of Information” in return. In one sense it seems quite interesting to speedily get the required information, but at the same time despite the abundance of information, this information is not fully authentic, reliable and trustworthy and above all it is not organized. What we get is the flood of unauthentic, unreliable and untrustworthy information in an unorganized form.

    It is due to the reason that there is no control over the flow of information, and to check the accuracy and authenticity of information that is being propagated through all the mediums of media i.e. the radio, newspapers, magazines, television and the internet around the clock. Because, in general, it has been observed that in order to get comprehensive information about any topic, place, region, historical event, personality, issue or object, people go through plenty of books, newspapers, periodicals, research papers and other means and sources of information including numerous websites on internet; and they end up with a mess of massive files, notes, cut-outs, copies, print-outs and other references of “Unauthentic & Unorganized Information” at the high cost of time, money and energy, and most of the time all their tedious efforts result in unnecessary high volume of “Unauthentic & Unorganized Information”.

    Although journalists, researchers, investigators, writers, thesis-writers, lawyers, thinkers, philosophers, knowledge-seekers, government officials & agencies, information houses, media houses and other similar bodies look for more and more detailed information, and for such groups, the volume of information is not an issue provided if the information available is Authentic and organized. But it has been a common observation that what people get is nothing but an unnecessary high volume of “Unauthentic & Unorganized Information”.

    Therefore, to overcome this issue and to provide “Authentic & Organized Information” to today’s world, we made a plan to build a series of “Online Information Sources”, also known as Web-portals, about different areas of interest. All these Web-portals will facilitate the masses to obtain “Authentic & Organized Information” in different areas of interest, where each individual portal will function as a “Centralized Online Source of Information”, and hence would help them save time, money and energy. In fact, we have a mission to serve the masses with knowledge and wisdom through effective use of all the available mediums of media.

    All Round View is the first information portal of our future product line. All Round View is envisioned to be an Online News & Information Portal as an “Exclusive Source of Credible, Authentic and Unbiased News & Comprehensive Information” that is frequently updated facilitating people read latest news, columns & articles, reports & thesis, research papers, reviews etc. from all over the world.

    Apart from that, in All Round View, we have categorized huge amount of information under various sections and subjects i.e. countries & nations, religions & ideologies, societies & cultures, defense & security, languages & dialects, business & economy, finance & investment, jobs & careers, men & women, youth & children, arts & crafts, health & sanitation, foods & cooking, beauty & fitness, fashions & life styles, showbiz & glamour, sports & recreation, news & media, travel & tourism, literature & music as well as information about famous & great personalities of the world and much more.

    It also contains in depth information about all major businesses, industries, organizations, associations as well as prominent political, business, social & religious leaders from all over the world. It also contains separate sections i.e. the “In Pictures” section that is basically derived from the “News in Pictures” that contains photos under different categories. The “Interviews Section” contains interviews of famous & prominent figures from all over the world. The “Reports Section” contains important Reports under different categories. All this information collectively helps people analyze the facts and reach true conclusions about many things.

    We hope you will find it as an excellent source of Credible, Authentic and Unbiased News & Information.

    The Editorial Board,
    The All Round View.