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Women Travelling Alone (Solo Traveling)

Sama Noor, Writer, Social & Political Analyst (All Round View File Photo)

Traveling alone is something to have fun with. It’s very common to travel with someone else like your family, friends and the one you love, but traveling alone is simply like an adventures target which you have to achieve and nowadays it’s not more than an adventure to get back to your home safely. Many the joys of travel are to explore the beauty of a particular land and the people who live there. Having a companion to share in this adventure is not always possible or desirable. I always go to my office alone and came back alone as well. Solo travel can be liberating and self assuring. Once you try to travel alone you’ll get a lot of confidence and specially we know that confidence is the key of success. So once you get your confidence, you’ll realize that you can do anything all alone with much more confidence and self confidence. You’ll nearly try to face all the issues and problems which you were carried out by the times. And trust me you’ll enjoy it too much to travel alone, and being an honest,  strong and respectful women, who can fight all alone with her problems.

Walk with Confidence:

Walk with a purpose – head high, eyes forward, self assured – even if you haven’t a clue where you’re actually going. Walking with confidence can protect you from evil eyes and stranger’s cheap thinking. Who always make some noises by watching a lady all alone.

Attracting or Avoiding Men:

If you want to limit unwanted male advances, don’t make direct eye contact as this simple gesture is often seen as a sign of aggression or sexual advancement. Know what the social norms are for the area in which you are traveling. In many areas of the world, single women are not allowed out at night without an escort. Simple social knowledge can provide significant safety to the female solo traveler.

To carry out Bags & Purse:

It is also not more than an adventure to carry your bags with money and mobile phones nowadays, the trend of snatching and threatening is going so popular day by day. Large bags are easy to reach into, and items can easily disappear, especially in crowded areas. Shoulder bags can be cut, and handbags can be set down and forgotten. Solo travel is no time to wear your finest jewels or even carelessly expose the latest electronic device without securing it to your wrist or belt strap.

Dress Appropriately:

I always pack a scarf or cotton “wrap” to be prepared. Observe; if all the women have their heads covered, you should as well. Some narrow minded people who don’t know the meaning to be a  fashionista, they try to grab you and because you are all alone and a solo Traveler so must care about this one thing which is totally based up on your out look out for . So it’s all up to you that how you can manage someone’s thinking about you by just covering up yourself and being confident.

Solo travel makes you more approachable, confident, less intimidating, and is the best way to increase self-confidence. Each trip I take along a good book and an open mind and by exploring everyday a new thing. It also helps you learning new things all around of you. I safely return home to share my adventures, my day with the ones I love, and by following these tips, you can also live a simply adventures life as well without any fear.

So Believe in You.

Sama Noor

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