Why I made heroes of Pakistan and why it was needed. Aafaq Khan | All Round View

Why I made heroes of Pakistan and why it was needed. Aafaq Khan

Aafaq Khan, Founder of Heroes of Pakistan (All Round View File Photo)

All Round View (Peshawar): Volunteers serve humanity. They serve a nation without any will of reward. As we say! Volunteers are not paid, they are priceless. For almost 4 years, I’ve been an active member of social and political organizations, where I contributed my best in all the social activities as a volunteer. During this experience, I noticed that many heroes need to be addressed and appreciated. As it increases their morale and gives them more passion and they try to work positively even with more zeal. Mr. Aafaq Khan, the founder and chairman of Heroes of Pakistan stated these comments while talking to All Round View. 

He further said that to serve the purpose, I am coming forward with a project of UNKNOWN HEROES OF PAKISTAN, as there are many heroes all around who are rendering their services tremendously and are giving a nice impression all across the globe.

As our social and electronic media don’t take it as a prominent factor to appreciate these heroes. Therefore, I’ve taken this initiative to highlight them. It could be a street man, a landlord, or a billionaire. But we will try our best to show their powers to you on our screen. And will appreciate them, try to share their success story to the best of our capability.

Alhamdulillah, now we have a male and female #searcher team working all across Pakistan. We appreciate the talent and that’s our priority! We announce HEROES!! What does the researcher do?

The primary role of the researcher is to search for personalities, who have worked hard and day and night for the sake of Pakistan! the researcher strives to find the heroes of Pakistan. Looking for researchers from all across Pakistan. If you want to work for this cause, then join us!

We will also focus to facilitate the deserving group of our country in aspects of Education, health, and every possible way. We are working day and night to do something good for Pakistan. Just support us and wish us the best of luck for future endeavors. Hoping for your cooperation and positive response.



#Heroes_of_Pakistan is a non Profitable Organization/platform

This Organization/platform is working for the Youth (Empowerment & Promotion), Educational Sector, Health, and update About (Jobs, scholarships, GK, History, Current affairs, etc.) We providing special support to the unknown Heroes who work for the betterment and bright future of Pakistan. We appreciate Each and everyone that may be an Ordinary person or officer of the state works for Pakistan and humanity hero is a man sent by God. He can be a poet, king, sold, or, politician or even any other ordinary citizen, serving his nation.

We welcome, to all those heroes in this platform, who worked seriously and earned their name and fame. They performed great deeds of heroism for the glory of Islam and the prosperity of the nation. As you know that a country is made developed, prosperous, and successful by its National heroes in the form of the betterment, Civil society, Civil servants, Common peoples, and other masses who strive hard for the betterment of their communities. It’s our oblique responsibility to highlight those hidden stars of Pakistan who have rendered sacrifices for the development of their people. So, to highlight, praise, motivate, and support such people.

All of them deserve respect and are equally worthy.

So, we are proud of our heroes and will pay them tribute for their participation in this platform. We will never let the next generations to every hero.

Inshallah, Big thing is coming Soon

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