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What Trump could do after getting out of the White House

Donald Trump, President of USA (All Round View File Photo)

All Round View (Mardan): Donald Trump will stay in office until 20 January, when he’ll hand the employment over to his replacement and join the selective club of previous US presidents. So what next for the government official and business head honcho?

There’s a worthwhile speakers’ circuit, the writing of a journal, the arranging of an official library.

Jimmy Carter took up compassionate causes, and George W Bush a paintbrush. Be that as it may, Mr Trump has never been a customary government official.

“Donald Trump has broken numerous standards as president,” says Tim Calkins, teacher of advertising at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.

“There’s no motivation to believe that Donald Trump will act like any previous president that we’ve ever seen.”

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Laiba Sajid

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