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Turkey-US Relations and Biden’s Administration

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All Round View (Charsadda): The change in middle east politics by Abraham accords, which bloc the Turkey and Iran to easily enter the middle east, Geo-strategic position of Turkey, and the current foreign policies objectives of Turkey under Erdogan, will make it difficult for the Biden administration to shape their new role in US-Turkey future relations.

Turkey has mostly remained a key US-ally in past, During the cold war period and Gulf crises, Turkey played a major role and greatly contributed to the US cause. In Korean War (1950), Turkey sided with the US and send about 4,500 military personnel under the US command, due to which the US fully endorsed Ankara’s membership to join the North Atlantic Treaty organization (NATO) and Turkey became the important member of NATO in 1952, In 1991 President Bush paid an official visit to the Turkey, to offer US gratitude for Turkey’s pivotal part in Gulf crisis. Data obtained from USAID (1948-2008), the US provided a total of $70 billion as economic aid, and security assistance and according to Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), Turkey has purchased worth $34 billion arms from USA (1950-2019).

Foreign relationships are always base on interests, so there are always leaps and bounds in the relations, same thing happened in Turkey-US relations In 2003, the US request for about 10,000 Turkish troops to help contain the rising wave of insurgency in Iraq, which was denied by the Turkey parliament, Turkey under Erdogan is particularly changing the course of relationships between the two, Ankara’s purchased S-400 defense systems from Russia, which became the thorny issue between the Turkey and Trump administration after which, Trump administration announced in July 2019 that it was “removing Turkey from participation in the F-35 joint strike fighter program.” The Turkey Eastern Mediterranean tensions with Greece and Cyprus, Erdogan criticism on Israel and its sympathies with Hamas, although Turkey established diplomatic and trade relations with Israel long ago, but highly criticized the recent normalization of UAE with Israel and has been speaking on the Human rights violation and brutalities of Israel in Palestine on several international forums.

The multi dimensions Turkey-US relations have chaotic future for Biden administration, no doubt US has now strong allies in the middle east, but it cannot neglect the geo-strategic position of Turkey in the region. The decision of future course of Turkey-US relations will be challenging for new Biden’s administration.

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