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The War-front

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All Round View (Charsadda): The stiff competition between the Washington and Beijing has brought the two counties to engage on several war-fronts, the cold war between the two is no doubt of different rigidity than the one between Russia and US in the past. The middle powers of the world have to decide which side to take, as for the survival they cannot opt one at the expense of other.

In Asia, for the containment of a growing economy china, US attention has shifted to the Asia, as mentioned by Hilary Clinton that the 21st century belongs to the indo-pacific region, meaning that the US has already marked the China as a rival, and in attempt to contain them, several card were played the one most dominant in the region is the stand-offs on the border of China and India at the Himalayan region.

India Being the middle power has reasons to join US in this competition as their self-rely strategies are appealing for the stronger defense, both the US and India have common economy with a common ground, and to increase the influence in the region, US has moved forward for defense strengthening as a top priority. On October 27, the two sides signed the fourth and final ‘foundation military pact’ called the Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement (BECA), it will allow India access geospatial data from US military satellites. Sharing maps, topographical images and military coordinates, nautical and aeronautical charts, commercial and unclassified imagery, geomagnetic and gravity data will support the Indian military against the China, this real time images of Chinese infrastructure near the borders will contribute to the US Indo-pacific strategy. The US planned to take benefits from the opportunity created by the India-China border conflict, foundational agreements including the BECA Pact seems to implemented for increasing influence in the region with the aim to contain China.

India has the options other than allying military with the US cause, as it will make the India as a proxy of war only, but its defense heart will beat faster, after the Pact, as India is at war with Pakistan as well.

Taking strength from the US-China cold war, or fighting Pakistan on Afghanistan front, conflict with strongest ally of Pakistan in Ladakh, and fueling insurgencies in Balochistan are damaging the secular state democracy, it is the time for modi-government to decide between containment policies and developing economy, as the former will bring instability while the later will announce Peace, development and growth of economy in the sub-continent.

Pakistan should ask for the exact details and domain of BECA pact being the next door neighbor and being at war with India, and the US administration should understand, that containing China or race of increasing influence can ruin the long awaited peace in the region.

M. Shahbaz Khan

The Assistant Sub Editor at the All Round View
M. Shahbaz Khan is a dynamic and dedicated young writer. He is engaged with the All Round View and the Midnight Posts as Assistant Sub Editor. He possesses good writing and communication skills. He is a young mind with great sense of management and leadership, having Mechanical Engineering background, and former internee at Pakistan Ordinance Factory Wah Cantt., former External Affairs Head at a welfare organization, He is a former president at GMS organization that delivers services to district Charsadda education. He has a vast experience at management level. He is also a Chief Editor at the first ever student magazine “Trend Speaks” of District Charsadda. He is also a former election observer from HRCP, an essay writer with the awards wining competition background, an English poet and having good analysis at current affairs.
M. Shahbaz Khan

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