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The Quad Prospective

All Round View (Charsadda): Quadrilateral Security Dialogue or Quad is the group of four democratic countries – Australia, India, Japan and the US maintained by semi-regular summits, information exchanges and military drills between member countries, which aims to promote “Free and Open Indo-Pacific”, and coordinates with each other to contributes to “the rules-based order” in Asia-Pacific region.
The initiative was taken in 2007, which analyst believes that it was an attempt to respond to china aggressive postures in the region.

The two rivals, US and China are confronting each other on several fronts and are continuously in war, as the relationship between the two rivals is moving towards to the point of no return, United stat being on lead adopted several ways to undermine china, as one such example is the Trade war between the two, Affairs seems to be bad, but with Trump administration in 2016 escalate the tension, and making it the worst year of the relationships. Sweeping tariffs on Chinese imports worth more than $50 billion for allegedly stealing US technology and intellectual property, was the initiation of Trade war by the US.
All the actions of Trump administration were starting to be responded by china. From the China-India recent conflict, Taiwan ground, South china sea to a trade war, both are trying to adopt other ways of war than traditionally used.

Quadrilateral security dialogue is the collaboration under the cover of a strategic partnership to maintain regional security, but it aims to target the growing economical giant china, however, all the members denied this fact. Meeting of Quad on October 06, was called when united states was already in Thucydides trap with china, India conflict over Ladakh, and Australia being on warm air with china, only Japan was on good ties with China.

“Indo-Pacific strategy” is tried to be adopted by Quad, to counterweight china by India in the region. The US is the beneficiary for the adopted strategy, but India, on the other hand, was the key player to this US-sponsored drama, the inclination of India towards the US and other Quad members can act as a fuel to the ongoing conflict on the line of actual control, as the china already protested about the quad, but the normalization on the line of actual control is making it difficult for India to decide, which side it should be, also there lies an opportunity for Indi to be isolated from the war between the superpowers, and be a superpower its self, and rule the region by its own taste, rather than US feed.

Japan always followed greater powers in diplomacy, and it also needs china support to seek power, and remain a neutral and normal state, for which Japan will modernize its policies towards both the giants and will avoid one side inclination.

Australia is the only member remains in the Quad to take side with the US, but the “Asia NATO” or Quad will require full military and economic support from Australia, which seems an unaffordable deal to Australia.

For no, the Quad seems to be a failed attempt to knock the Chinese door, but in future, if the US has a better source of attraction for Quad members can surely lead the Quad member to the alliance.

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