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The Playground of Himalayas

All Round View(Charsadda): The world politics is changing, the fire of ongoing conflicts has the ability to change the world order, The dispute over Nagorno-Karabakh, Clash of India and Pakistan over Kashmir, Iran vs Israel in the middle east, China vs India over border dispute, and the direct conflict of two giants, USA vs China over Taiwan.

In all the ongoing major conflicts, USA is involved directly. With the china growing economy and power over the globe is making it rival to the united states, and the cold war between the two is suffering humanity. This great powers rivalry in the Himalayas will suffocate the third world.

The border dispute of India vs China, in which bullets were crossing the line of actual control for the first time in 45 years, is responded by India in different ways other than direct military engagement to the deadly end, because of weak military and fragile economy as compared to the growing and stronger china. India Prime minister started with the ban on 118 Chinese mobile apps, and adopting strict policy for future investment of china, on the merging side USA successfully entered the middle east politics, having strong allies on knot, Israel, UAE and Bahrain, is now not in the mood to let go the opportunity at Himalayas to strike the china by supporting India.

India while fueling it by turning to external balancing, which means that involving another super economy to secure its national security interest. The recent transferring of drones on lease for one year from USA, and the USA investment of billions of dollars to enhance Indian’s defense capabilities are the facts that India is using the super power to challenge the neighboring economical giant china.  The two neighboring countries in the playground of Himalayas are nuclear and having world largest military, if provoke and support by the united states, will lead the world to the darkest of age.

Considering the current cold war engagement of both the super powers, china and US, they both are already in the Thucydides’ Trap, (When a rising power threatens to displace a ruling power).

Now with the changing ruling powers of united states, The Joe Biden administration should bring military engagements in the Himalayas to political dialogue on the table, which will bring peace and stability in the region, India should understand this as well. And US should accept the growing economical giant china as a part of bipolar world order, by contributing and supporting each other, the world will be better place to live in.

M. Shahbaz Khan

The Assistant Sub Editor at the All Round View
M. Shahbaz Khan is a dynamic and dedicated young writer. He is engaged with the All Round View and the Midnight Posts as Assistant Sub Editor. He possesses good writing and communication skills. He is a young mind with great sense of management and leadership, having Mechanical Engineering background, and former internee at Pakistan Ordinance Factory Wah Cantt., former External Affairs Head at a welfare organization, He is a former president at GMS organization that delivers services to district Charsadda education. He has a vast experience at management level. He is also a Chief Editor at the first ever student magazine “Trend Speaks” of District Charsadda. He is also a former election observer from HRCP, an essay writer with the awards wining competition background, an English poet and having good analysis at current affairs.
M. Shahbaz Khan

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