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The New Middle East

All Round View(Charsadda): September 15, marked as a historical day for the world politics and powers on which the US-brokered normalization agreements- The Abraham accord was signed by the Israel and UAE, which break away the old Pan-Arab consensus.

In the normalization of Jew state and UAE, Bahrain the Arab countries seems divided as Qatar and Kuwait remains neutral and silent while the UAE and Bahrain path their ways for trade, business and travels to Israel, and probably they will be followed by Saudi-Arabia and Oman, as the secret meeting of Israeli Prime minister and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman is witnessed to the fact, which is however denied by the Saudi Arabia, that no such meeting has occurred.

The Abraham Accord has the direct impact on two economical giants USA and China as well, as both the countries are confronting each other on the fronts from Middle East to the Indian and Pacific oceans, the US-brokered Abraham Accords will give a safe entry to the US into the middle east politics, this alliance of UAE, Bahrain and Israel will allow the giant to enjoy the naval access to the Arabian sea, The Red sea and the Persian Gulf.

In the region Israel and Iran are the worse rivals, the ties of UAE with Israel will weaken the Iran foothold in the Gulf, whose consequences can be seen by the eye of President Hassan Rouhani who said that whatever happens next will be the consequences of ties between Israel and the two Arab countries, and these two countries will be responsible for that, further he added that “Israel is committing more crimes in Palestine everyday….”, and how could you reach out your hands to Israel?

The Accord is sidelining Iran and Turkey, and both the countries are trying their own ways to reunified on a mutual political interest in the middle east, as the President Rouhani has already asked his counterpart of Turkey, to be on the same ground for the interest of regional peace and development.

The impact of the Abraham Accord in the region for Palestine is a nightmare, as at first glance the tip of the Ice-berg was that Trump administration has convinced the Israeli Premier to stop the annexation of the West Bank, as the Joint statement of UAE, Israel and US was “The historical breakthrough will advance peace in the region….”, but the ice-berg its self, showing its different shades. As David Friedman, US ambassador to Israel while in the conversation with Israeli Army Radio on 30 September, said: “We said in our statement that sovereignty will be postponed, and this does not mean that it has been abolished.” And also never to forget the Sept 16, one day after the deal, the Israeli military carried out a series of air raids on the besieged Gaza strip.  Such type of attitudes and findings can never bring peace to the middle east.

Given these consequences and future of middle east politics, Iran and Turkey seem to be isolated, with the decline of fuel price and US sanction on Iran, The Abraham Accords will put the Iran Vs Israel and Arab countries, putting aside the Palestinian Cause.

M. Shahbaz Khan

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