Mehreen Mujahid, Writer, Social & Political Analyst (All Round View File Photo)

Intolerance means lack of respect and beliefs or those actions that harm a person. Poverty and illiteracy are root causes of intolerance. Youth got degrees but they had no hope to get jobs from here raise in tolerance. Lack of financial resources and unemployment leads youth towards major crimes. Pakistan’s economy is grappling with limited natural resources but struggling with major social structure that cause intolerance. Intolerance silently damage people mentally, financially and on every aspect that cause extremist unhealthy nation. Major intolerance is facing by minorities living in Pakistan. Everyone is in the race to accumulate wealth using few and mostly unfair means. Social intolerance sometimes result in taking lives on a small squabble taking place amongst children and ending up with fatalities. We must have to work to change this attitude of intolerance towards each other and as a nation.
Tolerance provide basis of mutual understanding and respect. The promotion of intolerance is really important in today’s era that slowly and gradually increase globalization and along with that major needs among people also increases that include food, shulter and clothes. Tolerance can diffuse potential conflicts, it help to reduce racism and cultural superiority. Tolerance among youth is government should provide technical education to students to enable them to start their own business. Education is one of the best way to prevent intolerance by revealing similarities and spreading a healthy respect for difference. Tolerance is injunction of all of us to stand up and speak out in defence of all who fight for their fundamental rights and freedom. Religious scholars must have to convey the substantial soul and true message of religion instead of promoting sectism. Government must have to take serious steps towards intolerance by providing various opportunities.

Mehreen Mujahid

The Sub Editor at the All Round View
Mehreen Mujahid is currently following bachelors in English from Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Women University, Peshawar. She is leading the role of the Sub Editor at the All Round View & the Midnight Posts. She is always been comprehensive in writing due to her great writing skills. She has accomplished her content writing course with Skills4U Institute. She has also completed her four months fellowship with Skills4U Institute, and achieved good experience. She started her career in Tri Mesh (Pvt.) Ltd. as content writer immediately after she accomplished her course. She is also engaged with Tutors Gateway (Pvt.) Ltd. as a CSR Manager Internee. Apart from that she is also serving as a brand ambassador at Tri Mesh (Pvt.) Ltd. She is also attached with FES Higher Education Consult (Pvt.) Ltd. as an ambassador. She is also a volunteer at Pak Youth Talent. She has also taken part in essay competition and received certificate for that. She has also attended different sessions in order to experience other fields and got good knowledge, and she has also received certificate for attending these sessions. Moreover, Mehreen has good managing and communication skills. She is really passionate towards her work.
Mehreen Mujahid