Islamia college Peshawar, Pakistan (All Round View File Photo)

Have you ever noticed the Pakistani currency note of 1000 Rs/-? The building shown on it is of Islamia College Peshawar. Having a stunning infrastructure more than a hundred years old; full of exotic sceneries, it serves as one of the most beautiful sites in Peshawar.


Sahibzada Abdul Qayyum, an illustrious educationist and politician of British India, and Sir George Olaf Roos-Keppel, a British military officer are the founders of Islamia College Peshawar. It has its historical roots connected with The Aligarh Movement, it is one of the oldest educational institutes of Pakistan.

Initially, this institution was established as Islamia College. The Government of Pakistan approved the university status for this great institute in 2008. The word college is reserved in its title for preserving its historical roots. The Father of the Nation, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah visited this College three times; in 1936, 1945 and 1948.Quaid-e-Azam who became lifelong honorary member of the Khyber Union ICP in 1936 made the College one of the heirs of his one-third property in 1939.


It covers 300 acres of land. Due to its eye-catching beauty and lush greenery, it also serves as a tourism attraction for tourists coming from different parts of the world. For instance, the White Mosque in Islamia College is a blend of Mughal and British architecture and serves as the second tourists’ attraction after the famous Mughal-era Masjid Mahabat Khan in Peshawar city. Due to its tremendous beauty, many celebrities, including film stars have visited this iconic place.

Undoubtedly, this educational institute possesses boundless beauty due to its remarkable infrastructure, lush green lawns, magnificent botanical gardens, enormous playgrounds, colossal trees and ornamental plants with special caretakers and gardeners working hard all day long to maintain the beauty of Islamia College University Peshawar.

Today Islamia College University Peshawar has enrolled more than 6000 students, including students of Intermediate, BS, and Masters Level. Moreover, this institution has produced countless great personalities including renowned politicians, and governors. The Islamia College is no doubt the beauty of Peshawar.

Qandeel Saleem Shah

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Qandeel Saleem Shah

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