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Success is not a piece of cake; hard work is always there behind it.

Aasim Aslam, Managing Editor, Social & Political Analyst (All Round View File Photo)

All Round View (Peshawar): Aasim Aslam, the chairman of the Tri-Mesh Marketing (SMC-Pvt.) Ltd. stated that In today’s era everyone’s just want to earn money in comfort, but Nobody wants to work hard for it. Our youngsters usually wasting their time searching for government jobs. They only demand from the government to provide jobs but basically, the Government can just provide you a great job environment, but you must do work for it by yourself. As I said before “success is not just a piece of cake”… By it, I meant that you must put effort and your time wisely.

Besides jobs, an individual can also start a small setup or business after completion of the degree. Yes, it’s not impossible and small setup does not require a high investment as well. It just needs patience, potential, trust in self, and hard work. So, I advise, don’t waste your time and stamina on ineffectual things. Just believe in yourself and go for the right option.

Aasim Aslam

The Managing Editor at the All Round View
Aasim Aslam, a young & dynamic entrepreneur, is an expert in marketing, project management and digital communication niche. He is leading the role of the Managing Editor at the All Round View & the Midnight Posts. He is also the senior project manager at Tutors Gateway (Pvt.) Ltd. Apart from that he is also the founder and the Chief Executive Officer at Tri-Mesh (Pvt.) Ltd. He completed internships in governmental organizations such as the Railway Carriage Factory and the Railway Central Diesel Locomotive Workshop in Rawalpindi during the early days of his career.
Aasim Aslam


  • He is an amazing person. Focused at a very young age. He is making immediate mark on his objectives and is likely to go very far. He is a totally positive person, sincere and honest to his job and people involved.

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