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Story of Syeda Aisha on Mothers Day

Aasim Aslam, Writer, Social & Political Analyst (All Round View File Photo)

My dad died when I was just six months old. At that time my mom was in her late 20s. We didn’t have enough money or any other source of income so as we could avail the basic necessities of life. Therefore, my mom decided to look for a job so as she could raise her children in a better way, and with the same purpose in min, she moved to Islamabad and started looking for a job.

We belonged to army family, and luckily we had a house, and it was in a secure area. We moved to that house. She found a reasonably good job and resumed her studies beside her job. But still the income was not enough to meet all basic needs. Therefore, she started another job beside her first job. She was working two jobs and was raising her family and continuing her studies. We never saw this women that she ever broke down at any stage in life.

She used to tell us about the hardships she faced during her life, and how these hardships of life brought us close to Almighty Allah. She also says that if we don’t like anything then it must not be felt from our faces. She was not only our mother, rather she was our mother, our father, our friend and even our sibling. She never let us feel alone and weak. She encouraged us at every stage in life. Now, we all have grown up, and I can better understand that how difficult it is to raise three children in a new city while having nothing in hands, but she did it amazingly and in amazing way.

This also reminds me that a woman is more stronger than a man. The living example is my mom that we have been witnessing since day one.

I would be honored and blessed if I’m half as brave as this great woman is!

It also reminds us that how amazingly strong this weaker sex is.

Happy Mothers’ Day

Aasim Aslam

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