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SCO’s development depends on youth participation. Vladimir Norov

Shanghai Cooperation Organization (All Round View File Photo)

All Round View (Beijing): Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Secretary-General Vladimir Norov has stressed that the future development of the entire SCO area depends on youth participation in political, socio-economic and public life, both at home and internationally, where their abilities and contribution to developing their countries and giving shape to the future will be recognized.

Vladimir Norov, in an interview on International Youth Day, shared his vision of youth development and the SCO youth policy, noting that the member states attached much importance to promoting youth cooperation intended to promote the young generation’s physical, intellectual and moral progress and involvement in the overall plans for joint development.

He focused on the efforts of the SCO Youth Council, a body involved in fulfilling SCO youth policy and promoting the creation of a society in the SCO space that will give all young people an opportunity for self-fulfillment.

“The young people today are regarded as a vulnerable part of society that has attracted the attention of destructive and terrorist forces seeking to inveigle them into criminal activity,” he added.

In that context, he noted the importance of the 2018 Programme of Action for the Joint Appeal to Youth, adopted by the SCO leaders.

Vladimir Norov also dwelt on how to encourage young people to engage in business, improve the business climate, support start-up projects, and stimulate youth participation in the e-economy and e-commerce in the SCO region against the background of the COVID-19 pandemic.

He expressed his opinion on how the SCO countries can provide opportunities for high-quality education amid the pandemic, including by promoting e-learning.
He praised youth involvement in the volunteer movement in the SCO member states during the pandemic.

“In the SCO space, almost 200 million young people volunteered to help their fellow citizens. They are making an invaluable contribution to supporting those who need help during this difficult period,” he said.

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