Saudi Arabia, Pakistan close realtionship best for muslim Ummah: Shahbaz Shareef | All Round View

Saudi Arabia, Pakistan close realtionship best for muslim Ummah: Shahbaz Shareef

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Lahore: Congratulating the leaders and people of Saudi Arabia on there national day, PMLN President Shahbaz Shareef said close relationships of Pakistan and Saudi Arab are best for muslim Ummah.

On saturday , during his message on congratulating Saudi Arabia on there national day PMLN President Shabaz Shareef said that Saudi Arabia has always been with Pakistan as an elder brother. Saudia also stood with Pakistan after the nuclear bomb sanction.

He said that Saudia has always helped Pakistan generously, when we needed them the most , in flood, earthquakes and not just him Pakistans public also thank the Saudi goverment for this generousity.

Adding more, Pakistanis have huge respect for Saudi Arabia the custodians of two great mosques. We aslo pray for the prosperity and development of the Saudi goverment and people. And we  also look forward for more giagantic  ways to increase the great impact of our relationship more than ever.

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