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Regional Security Summit: KSA vs Israel

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All Round View (Charsadda): The US-brokered Abraham accords were considered to be the bacon of KSA-Israel future relationships. Bahrain and UAE normalized their relations with the Jewish state, which was considered as a “Stab in the back” by the Arab Muslim countries, Washington also invited KSA for normalization, a secret meeting took place between Israel and Saudi representatives.

From the past several years, Riyadh itself has quietly been building a relationship with the Jewish state, and the future of ‘NEOM’ city project seems to involve the Jewish state, as Israel is near to NEOM, and it was also reported that Israeli Prime minister has already visited the NEOM, economically kingdom is pleased to welcome Israel, but when it comes to ‘Palestine cause’, both the country has different comments on it, after this US-brokered Abraham accords.

Recent regional security summit witnessed the inside views of both the countries about future normalization and Palestine cause. The Saudi Prince considered Israel as a ‘western colonizing power’ and outlined the events of the forcible eviction of Palestinians, and also accused Israel of depicting itself as a “small, existentially threatened country, surrounded by bloodthirsty killers who want to eradicate her from existence”. “And yet they profess that they want to be friends with Saudi Arabia.” And said that Israeli authorities are “demolishing homes as they wish, and they assassinate whomever they want”.

The meeting was later addressed virtually by Israeli foreign minister Gabi Ashkenazi, who responded the comment made by Saudi representative on Palestine issue that “The false accusations of the Saudi representative at the Manama conference do not reflect the facts or the spirit and changes in region is undergoing. “I rejected his remarks and emphasized that the ‘blame game’ era is over, we are at the dawn of a new era, An era of Peace”. While linking Abraham accords and Palestine issue he said, “you cannot treat an open wound with palliatives and painkillers. The Abraham accords are not divine writ,”.

Israel has successfully convinced the UAE and Bahrain by their doses of annexation agreements, but will they be successful to normalize their ties with Saudi Arabia on similar agreements, keeping Iran and the future of Saudi Arabia non-oil revenues planning in the equation. The UAE has decided their future by joining hands with Israel, but the final decision of Saudi Arabia on normalizing seems to come, in near future.

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