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Regional Peace Remain Deadlocked

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All Round View (Charsadda): The long going ‘war on terror’ is hoping to be end real soon, which had affected the entire region from quite a long, Afghanistan followed by Pakistan being the most affected countries of the region, the afghan peace process is moving toward an era of peace, but the fire of hatred is ignited on the other corner of the region.

The inhuman lockdown of occupied Kashmir, and the brutal killing and victimization of innocent Muslims in the country, has the capacity to ruin the ongoing peace processes in the region, last month dossier releases by government of Pakistan has clearly documented the Indian involvement in terrorist activities.  The recent exposure of India’s dubious use of media to target Pakistan and China, by EU DisinfoLab are the evidence that India is trying on every font to bury the echoes of farmers, minority Muslims and occupied Kashmir in the chaos created by their false media game on internationally.

The recent visit of Taliban hi-powered delegation to the Pakistan is the sign of Afghan government and Taliban increasing interest in regional peace. The ongoing peace talk is accompanied by war in Afghanistan between the two, as it will be difficult to share the power between the two through Intra-Afghan dialogues, However the future chapter of war history of the country is waiting for Biden inauguration.

The Line of Actual Control which separates Chinese-held and Indian-held terrorities from Ladakh in the west to India’s eastern state of China claimed, Arunchal Pardesh is still waiting for the dispute to solve.

The world is shifting toward bipolar powers game with a tough competition between China and US, the Himalayas can possibly be the war land for the giant economies, China being the growing economy is not using the ‘Trade War’ tactics, as China is buying rice and steel from the India with increasing trade values despite the ongoing conflict, and responding the US trade war attacks with more flexibility. However, the settlement in one corner of the region, and the ignition of disputes in another corner for which India and US are the big contributors will not help the peace dream to become reality.

The Indian democracy which is claimed to be of a secular state need to focus more on table talks and normalization with in the state and on the borders, instead of escalating and fueling conflict, or the regional peace will always remain the deadlocked.


M. Shahbaz Khan

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