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Pakistan must play a leading role in order to solve the Middle East Crises & Regional Issues among the Muslim Ummah

Aziz Khan (All Round View File Photo)

The situation in the Middle East has never been stable for the past two decades, but the recent conflict between Iran & the United States after the killing of Iranian commander Qassem Soleimani in Baghdad last week has turned the situation into a blazing volcano that can burst any time and can burn the whole region like flames from hell.

We have no option but to stop it long before it turns everything into a pile of ash. We as a nation cannot ignore the ongoing situation in the Middle East. We have to play a leading role not only to save the region from the total destruction but also to safeguard the sovereignty of our country and nation.

Our country is going through a crucial phase of its history these days, and we are already facing numerous issues, problems and serious challenges as well as inevitable security risks & threats. Here we will not talk about the details, root causes and other factors behind these issues, problems, challenges, security risks and threats as it is not possible to cover these details in an article, but if anyone asks me about the most basic reason behind these issues, problems, challenges, security risks and threats then I would say without any doubt or hesitation that the strongest of the all main reasons behind all the issues, problems, challenges, security risks and threats that we are facing today is the former Soviet Afghan War.

This war was the most critical event responsible for turning the overall scenario in Pakistan that not only put tremendous effects on all the segments of our society rather it also caused spreading militancy and intolerance in Pakistan, where in order to fight the proxy war against the Soviets, the United States and the Arab countries provided funds to train the Mujahedeen for fighting against the Russian troops through severe kind of religious propaganda urging them to expel the infidels from Afghanistan. After the Soviet Afghan War, we saw fierce Civil War in Afghanistan and the rise of Taliban that put tremendous impact on the mindset of the masses especially the religious minded people in the region that ultimately triggered the waves of militancy and extremism in Pakistan, while the War on Terror brought everything to its extreme level and since then we have been badly suffering in every sense, where we not only lost more than seventy thousands lives and faced economic loss of more than 200 billion dollar rather it also transformed violence and extremism in our society and caused dollarization and weaponisation into Pakistan.

Therefore, we cannot afford any new adventure in the region. We have to play a vital role in order to deescalate the recent tension in the region. I know the situation is not easy, but still we have no option but to stop the flames from spearing in the region. We have to insistently talk to all the world powers and regional stakeholders that any new adventure may go beyond the control and it may bring a collective destruction not only for the region but for the whole world. We can divide the dialogue in two phases, where in the first phase we can conduct a comprehensive dialogue among all the regional players and stakeholders, while in the second phase, we can conduct a comprehensive dialogue among all the world powers and regional stakeholders.

In the first phase of this initiative, we can immediately call a regional conference in Islamabad calling it “Islamabad Peace Dialogue”, where we will invite Iran, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Yemen, Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Afghanistan and Central Asian Islamic States in order to discuss all the conflicting issues prevailing in the region including the conflict in Yemen, conflict in Syria, conflict in Iraq, conflict in Afghanistan and the Qatar Issue as well as Iranian Nuclear Issue and the rise of ISIS in the region.

These are the main issues that will be on the agenda of “Islamabad Peace Dialogue”. I believe Pakistan can play a leading role not only to convince all the regional players in order to solve these long pending issues rather Pakistan can also bridge the gap between the West & the Muslim world. Apart from these issues, we can discuss the Kashmir Issue, the Issues of Muslims in India & Myanmar, and the dialogue between Afghan Taliban & the Afghan government as side issues and can build a strong consensus among all these Muslim Countries that will provide a strong foundation to us when we will have a solid dialogue with India for Kashmir and Muslims of India.

In the second phase, we can call a global conference in Islamabad, where we will additionally invite the United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Russian Federation and China. We will discuss these issues on broader level.

I know these issues may not be settled with one dialogue. We may need to conduct many such dialogues or conferences so as we could achieve the ultimate objective of regional peace and stability. These kinds of dialogues & conferences can help us find the way in order to permanently solve all the concerned regional issues among the Muslim Ummah that will ultimately strengthen us to fight the case of Pakistan and the Muslim Ummah on global level, and I believe that Pakistan can do it, and Pakistan must do it, and Pakistan must initiate it without any delay.

Pakistan must know its potential. Pakistan has all the guts and capabilities to play a leading role not only in the region, but also on the global level. Pakistan must initiate a country wide dialogue and must take its people on board so as it could play this role with national spirit & pride.

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  • But I do not think that the United States will attack Iran because history exists

  • And the example of Pakistan is the graveyard because all the leaders of Pakistan treat business houses and children all outside but when they die they bury in Pakistan.

  • Pakistan should use soft power to resolve the middle east issue.

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