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Pakistan-Bangladesh “Bridging The Gap”

All Round View(Charsadda): The two Muslim majority countries of the subcontinent have already paid much to the spoilers of the relationship between the two. The dialogue between the two foreign secretaries has not happened for about 12 years. Pakistan and Bangladesh are now making efforts to fill the vacuum.

On July 22, The Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina was invited to Pakistan by Imran Khan on a rare phone call. Pakistan’s high commissioner to Dhakka, Imran Ahmed Siddique said that meeting Bangladeshi foreign minister A.K. Abdul Momin was “to further promote bilateral relations with a forward-looking approach.” Which shows that both the countries are now thinking about the diplomatic, cultural and economic ties. With the increasing tensions of India with its neighbours, will open the doors of opportunities for the two countries to a reunion. Imran Ahmed further added that “there is a huge potential in bilateral economic and commercial cooperation, and the two sides may work together to realize this potential with a focus on bringing our respective private sectors closer.”

World bank study of 2018 argues that the economic prosperity of subcontinent countries is strongly dependent on regional cooperation, which will improve the standards of living, the report also stated that in 2015, the trade between Bangladesh and Pakistan has a potential to be valued at $1,376 million instead of $837 million, and trade between the countries of South Asia to be valued at $67 billion instead of $23 billion. The reason for such a large difference of trade value is the deteriorating relationship of Pakistan vs India, and Bangladesh vs India, the stability of the political environment and this regional peace will surely lead south Asia to its more improved version.

Enhancing Pakistan-Bangladesh trade relations will be mutually beneficial, according to latest data from the UN Comtrade, Bangladesh’s volume of exports to Pakistan is very small, but from the last three years’ exports from Pakistan to Bangladesh have been increasing.

“History teaches mankind but not everyone takes lessons from history.” South Asia has been in tension, because of its regional conflicts since the inception of the three big economies of sub-content. All the odd issues between Pakistan and Bangladesh must be solved, and initiative must be taken, the step taken by the two countries recently is a positive gesture, as on Thursday Pakistan’s high commissioner to Bangladesh, Imran Ahmed called on PM Sheikh Hasina Wajida in Dhaka, in which both the sides agreed to further strengthen the existing fraternal relations between the two countries. The economic condition and political environment will move towards stability once the long waited for bilateral mechanism between the two addresses.

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