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Pak Afghan Trades

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            All Round View (Charsadda): Soft border between two countries, allow both to exchange culture, wealth and people interactions. You cannot contain fire at your borders, if it’s in the neighbor, so peace is the first step to bring stability in the entire region, as the international community is trying hard to bring peace to Afghanistan, Pakistan will also benefit greatly from it.

The volume of bilateral trade between Pakistan and Afghanistan was once worth over $5 billion, but the current volume is worth just around $1 billion, due to the decades long instability in Afghanistan. But the recent trade dialogue between Pakistan and Afghanistan is capable to bring back the lost market, where focus was on transit, bilateral and informal trade issues through the agenda of shared prosperity and peace.

“We have already allowed Afghanistan to use Gwadar for their transit trade as the same was demanded by Central Asian States to connect them with Gwadar port in near future,” said by Razak Dawood, Adviser to Prime minister on commerce on Investment, while addressing the opening session of 8th round of three-day Afghanistan Pakistan Transit Trade Agreement (APTTA). Later the adviser said in previous seven rounds of negotiation, actions were agreed in a comprehensive document to support peace and stability. Dawood told media through the recent rounds of dialogue, both sides would resolve all the transit and bilateral trade issues along with issues of other informal trade. In coming month, he would lead delegation to negotiate on the 9th round of APTTA with Afghanistan and all the issues would be resolved through the common agenda of peace and prosperity.

Also Pakistan allowed Afghanistan to trade items through Gwadar and Bin Qasim ports. This will strength the economic ties of both countries, and will open markets at the land of neighbors, which can possible glue the regional economy and connectivity among their people. Moreover, Afghanistan will also expand to South Asian market via Pakistan. The isolated Afghanistan will finally be the binder country in the region, and Pakistan will be the beneficiary.

Both side should bring the issues of trade on the table to discuss and consider every proposal that can be opt as a best solution for the ongoing and future trades issue. Afghanistan need the south Asian market, and Pakistan can smoother its way, also the people living near the borders areas can contribute to the country’s economic planes and they too should be included, as for many of the villages trading on borders is living.

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