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Oman’s Ministry Of Education Denies rumors On Social Media That New Academic Year Is Being postponed

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All Round View (Peshawar): Ministry of Education (MOE) in Oman has dismissed the rumours that are being spread on social media about the delaying of the academic year for 2020-21.

The ministry of education desired people to take information only from official means.

The ministry stated after the rumours circulated on social media that the academic year will be delayed until the start of the new year.

Initially, the education ministry said that all private and public schools will be reopened on 1st November.

The Minister of Education, Dr Madiha Ahmed Al Shaibani while speaking at the press conference of the Supreme Committee,  said: “School hours in the Sultanate will range in between three to five hours.”

She further added that the daily school timings in low-density schools will be between 3 hours, for medium density schools will be 4 hours, and in high-density schools, it will be 5 hours. She said “School buses will operate at 50% capacity,”

She said that the primary school students do not need masks, as recommended by the World Health Organization they will be provided with hand sanitizers and thermometer by the ministry.



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