Communist Party of China (CPC) documentary examines reforms ahead of congress

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Communist Party of China (CPC) documentary examines reforms ahead of congress

All Round View (Beijing): China started to air a 10-episode political documentary on State media to showcase the progress achieved by the Communist Party of China (CPC) during the past five years amid its ongoing efforts to comprehensively deepen reform.

The CPC Central Committee organized the filming of the documentary, carrying the reform through to the end. The first episode was broadcast on the China Central Television and its new media outlets.
Topics of the documentary series include the economy, politics, social management, Chinese culture, environment, the armed forces and the Party’s self-governance.

The documentary highlighted President Xi Jinping’s important speeches and his new thoughts on the governance of China. It focuses on the achievements made by the CPC in deepening reforms since the Party’s 18th National Congress in November 2012. Xi was elected as general secretary of the CPC Central Committee at the first Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee.

The CPC is going to hold its 19th National Congress later this year. Analysts said the political documentary will be helpful to make the congress a success, as it could encourage the whole Party and the public to make continuous efforts to deepen reforms and strive for the realization of the Chinese dream of a great rejuvenation of the nation.

Since Xi became general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, reform has emerged as a hallmark of his administration. His first trip outside Beijing as the general secretary was to Guangdong province in late 2012, which has been at the forefront of China’s decades long reform and opening-up drive.

Xi headed the Central Leading Group for Deepening Overall Reform, established in late 2013. The group has had 36 meetings so far to discuss a wide range of issues, including poverty alleviation, healthcare, employment and education, all aimed at improving people’s lives.

Zhang Zhuoyuan, a senior economic researcher from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said the public has high expectations from the Central Leading Group because China’s reforms have entered the “deep water zone”, which needs more of a push from the top leadership.

Zhu Lijia, a professor of public administration at the Chinese Academy of Governance, said that by broadcasting the political documentary the CPC has sent a signal that comprehensively deepening reforms will continue to be the main task of the Party in the coming years. “In the past, China’s reform mainly focused on the economic area. The reform has become more comprehensive since the Party’s 18th National Congress, covering all areas with institutional building,” he said.

The CPC faces lots of uncertainties and challenges, both domestically and internationally, he said, adding that only through deepening reform will the Party resolve the problems successfully.

Communist Party of China (CPC) documentary examines reforms ahead of congress

🕔 Posted on: July 18, 2017 - 18:31 👁 Views: 42 👤 Posted By: Tamseelah Qamar Hashmi, the News Editor, All Round View

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