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My Soul Need Him!

All Round View((Peshawar): I, one of the human of the billion humans that are inhabiting the world. We have to do something for our survival, we have to take care of our loved one for our emotional survival, while fighting against downfall and losing the run of survival, we often don’t compete in the “Run of survival” for our spiritual survivalism.

Doing job is a requirement of body survival, caring for other is the requirement of our emotional survival, but are we lagging in something or Are we lagging in the “Main Run”?…

The survival of our soul  …….

Soul, the delicate, mute self of ours, the spiritual, immortal, actual identity of our existence, has no vocal cords to speak, has no physical existence to make his say valuable, has no link in this world to deliver it’s message to you, but yes it has the virtual say, it has the divine ability to speak in silence, to speak in other thousands way, you might don’t know but you will understand.

The long Run …….. we forgot our soul also need some basic requirement for it survival. It also need our attention, balanced with our attention to body and emotional survival. All we need is balance. Otherwise a hollow, dark, hopeless, dead space in created with in us. With long negligence. If you don’t water the plant of your soul, it might be dehydraled and eventually founded to be dead inside you.

Take care of it. Connect to you supreme love, Him (SWT). Allah, is the connection to whom I need my circuit connected, otherwise my circuit, regardless of its high tech qualities; ammeter, galvanometer, insulated cables and fuse, will not work out. Sorry!!

I need him!

My Soul Need Him.

Ayesha Gul

The Assistant Sub Editor at the All Round View
Ayesha Gul is a young, passionate and dedicated writer, poet and sketch artist. She has done M.Sc. in psychology from Peshawar university with the title of being a gold medalist. She is engaged with the All Round View and the Midnight Posts as Assistant Sub Editor. She possesses good writing skills. She writes about reality of life, nature, philosophy and imaginary world. Her writings are full of rich English vocabulary. Apart from that she is also teaching English at Forward Public School, where she was awarded as the best English teacher.
Ayesha Gul

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