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Melting Ice between Arabs and Israel.

Adeel Khalid, Writer, Social & Political Analyst (All Round View File Photo)

Today, the most shocking news for The Islamic specially the Arab world is the Israeli declared ” Historic” Agreement between U.A.E and the Zionist State of Israel. Is it reality that U.A.E’s step towards diplomatic relations with Israel is a Stab in the back of Palestinians ? or there maybe any other secret deal between the above mentioned countries. Every single person in the world who really knows the roots of Arab Israel conflict and Middle East’s power politics has the same question in his/her mind. It may take a few days more to the international community to give their wise reaction on the deal but Palestinians and Iran are taking it a capping years of discreet contacts between the two countries in secret negotiations and ties which appeared in shape of “Abraham agreement”.

Probably Gulf nations were the last or least to be expected to have these types of relations with the Israel. It means that the Glacier of Ice is melting between the Israel and the Islamic world.

its a reality that Tragedy of Palestine and Kashmir are the opened mound which is effecting every Muslim’s Psychology and creating revenge and anger among them but the question is very serious that either Israel is a reality or not ? if yes then disengagement of diplomatic relations can be beneficial for the Palestinians and the Arabs or having diplomatic ties can be more effective for them.

Its a tragedy for the Islamic Nations that we accept the realities very late and really too late to lose the effectiveness.

Here I will give examples of both Pakistan and India. Pakistan supports the Palestinian cause and India also, but both the countries have the fundamental difference, India has diplomatic relations with Israel and every time the Israel betrays the Palestinians , Palestinians look towards India to play Her role to solve the problem in spite of Pakistan who doesn’t have any kind of relations with Israel, but its support for Arabs is useless if we can’t play any effective role in the conflict.

When the Muslims were fighting wars against the Persian and the Roman empires in the region of Great Caliph, Umar bin Khattab (God be pleased with Him), even in the battlefield, he did not break the diplomatic ties with the above mentioned empires.

Because diplomatic contacts are always prove useful rather than  the disengagement with your enemy, otherwise who will play the role in the crisis ? its another thing that if we don’t want to play the effective role from our side and try to remain passive. Pakistan has 70 years of rivalry with Israel and we have prepared 3 Israel and Judaism hatred generations who don’t only hate the state but the entire followers of the Judaism, this staunch stance actually a denial from the reality and making our generations more and more extremists. Did this hate even give us a single benefit or to the Palestinian people.

Here I would like to say that its responsibility of Islamic world to support the Palestinian cause and to take them on board before and after taking such type of “bold” steps in spite of taking the decisions in the Dark Corner of the History, in the words of a Palestinian, “please don’t give us a message that our blood hasn’t any value in your eyes”



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