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Marham, Pakistan’s largest digital healthcare platform

All Round View (Peshawar): Marham is Pakistan’s largest digital healthcare platform that aims to connect patients with doctors. It was founded in 2016 by the young entrepreneurs of Pakistan with the motive to ease the difficulty of patients and their families during the stressful journey of disease. And for this, Marham is continuously introducing different innovative ideas and services to provide the best medical facilities to the patients.

Every day, someone’s father, son, daughter, sister or mother dies under similar circumstances and despite all the claims made, the government doesn’t pay any attention to this serious issue  poor patients are not treated well. Karachi’s hospitals are not able to meet the healthcare needs of the growing population of the city due to lack of equipment and doctors. It is about time the government allocated more resources and paid more attention to health-related issues. Preferably, before more people are left to die. But it has been a while, no one pays attention unless there’s retaliation. We need to bring awareness to the people that many of the senior doctors and the ones they trust in the city are locally trained, who do not believe in “Continuing Medical Education”. Tricks of the trade learned years ago serve them fine and they continue to practice without attending any further educational events. These clinicians have gone for years without being challenged; there is no existing process, which examines and reviews their competency for conducting scientific, ethical and moral medical practices. Even if these regulations do exist they are hidden somewhere in the deep crevices of some bureaucrat’s office who is more than happy to ignore everything in exchange for some “worldly goods”. We have stopped being human, it is just about material things now.Surely the people of Pakistan deserve better now. They have been suffering for ages, wondering when they’ll finally be able to trust someone for their good. Healthcare is a basic human right but in a country where individuals, on one end live a life of luxury and at the other end are starving, it does seem odd that common public is suffering due to a lack of health service provision. They are exploited by the hands of private service providers who are nothing more than “vultures” taking advantage of the non-existing medico-legal framework in this country.

By noticing all these setbacks people have been facing, Marham has been working on some improvements. Marham has changed the healthcare in Lahore and they decided to make similar changes all around Pakistan. From providing the basic platform for online consultations at your home, Marham has many novel services to offer. Pakistan has been experiencing a lot of setbacks since the beginning and healthcare is one of them.

The services of Marham are not limited. You can get complete information about the best doctors in Pakistan through just one click. Marham’s official website has a complete database of the best medical specialists in Pakistan. You can find the doctors in your area according to your requirement. Even you can read blogs related to health issues and treatments on Marham’s official website. Moreover, the website also provides you a brief overview of the common diseases and FAQs related to them.

Marham’s latest service of online consultation solves the issue of long-distance traveling and waiting for long hours in waiting areas of hospitals and clinics. Similarly, Marham’s mobile app provides you a handy solution to access this digital healthcare platform.

Marham is dealing with more than 65 specialties right now.

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