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Literacy and Pakistan

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All Round View(Peshawar): The literacy rate measures the percentage of people aged 15 and above who are able to read and write. In 2017, Pakistan’s total literacy rate was around 59 percent, with less than 47 percent of women being literate and more than 71 percent of men.

Women in Pakistan need education

In Pakistan, women’s education is in dire need of improvement, and so far, the number of illiterate women has not decreased – on the contrary, it has been going up for years. Although education for both genders is not prohibited in Pakistan, women are generally not as well educated as men. But it doesn’t stop there: Pakistan is one of the countries deemed worst for women in general when it comes to quality of life and safety.

Economy and education

Pakistan is a predominantly Muslim country with a low urbanization rate, meaning the majority of its population live in rural areas, where education is traditionally harder to come by than in cities. Pakistan is still a developing country, and typically, most of the inhabitants work in the primary sector, since Pakistan is rich in arable land. However, the tertiary sector generates the lion’s share of GDP. If the country wants to make the leap to being a developed nation, education and equality need to be higher on the list.

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