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Leave Me Through the Stars By Qandeel Saleem

Qandeel Saleem Shah, Writer, Social & Political Analyst (All Round View File Photo)

Leave me through the stars
Let me heal the scars
Like the Halley’s Comet
That’s going very far

Going far away
Like a shining ray
Like a dancing flower
Who wants to dance and sway

Let me touch the sky
I know the moon is shy
It is the voice of heart
I want to amplify

Let me rise and shine
Don’t you read the signs?
What they are really saying
You always have been mine
Let me heal your soul
To know you on the whole
Ill love to see and know that
The fears you control

By Qandeel Saleem
Peshawar, Pakistan.

Qandeel Saleem Shah

The Sub Editor at the All Round View
Qandeel Saleem Shah is an energetic and hard-working young leader with good writing skills. She is an undergraduate psychologist by profession from Islamia College Peshawar, Pakistan. She is leading the role of the Sub Editor at the All Round View & the Midnight Posts. Following her humanistic passion, she is also leading the KPK Provincial Headquarter Chapter of JZT, a national volunteer and youth lead organization working for the eradication of thalassemia from Pakistan. Moreover, she is responsive, creative and cooperative and has a strong command on critical & sequential thinking. In addition, she is an influential philanthropist, and a very active event organizer. Furthermore, Qandeel is a dynamic young poetess with a beautiful dream of pursuing her profession and passion with honor and dignity.
Qandeel Saleem Shah


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