Intra-Afghan talks demand patience, bloodless deadlock on negotiating table better than bloodstained stalemate: PM | All Round View

Intra-Afghan talks demand patience, bloodless deadlock on negotiating table better than bloodstained stalemate: PM

Imran Khan, Prime Minister of Pakistan (All Round View File Photo)

All Round View(Peshawar):Prime Minister Imran Khan has advised that the intra-Afghan negotiations requiring serenity and compromise from all sides.

“Progress could be slow and painstaking; there may even be the occasional deadlock, as Afghans work together for their future. At such times, we would do well to remember that a bloodless deadlock on the negotiating table is infinitely better than a bloody stalemate on the battlefield,” the prime minister said shared his opinion in an article published in the latest edition of Washington Post.

Prime minister Khan also restated that Pakistan would continue to support the Afghan people in their quest for a unified, independent and sovereign Afghanistan ‘that is at peace with itself and its neighbors.

Furthermore, since 9/11, more than 80,000 Pakistani security personnel and civilians laid down their lives in the fight against terrorism.

Moreover, terrorist groups from Afghanistan launched numerous attacks on Pakistan. These terrorist groups posed a clear and presented danger to global peace.

The recent investments in key economic connectivity projects could be utilized to complement efforts for regional incorporation, he said.

The prime minister said their initial discussions with the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation on these issues have been encouraging.

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