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Interview with Flying School Instructor Muhammad Danish by Kashmala Amin

Miss Kashmala Amin is a young dynamic writer and midnight sub-editor at All Round View News.

Mr. Muhammad Danish is a very enthusiastic young flying school instructor.

Miss.Kashmala Amin: Please mention your good self in detail including your full name, your professional, business, political, or social background, etc. for the readers of All Round View.

Mr. Muhammad Danish: My name is Muhammad Danish, I have completed my bachelors in computer sciences in 2017 from UOP and after that, I have chosen the aviation industry as it was my passion to become a pilot so for that reason I started commercial pilot license as a student pilot from Rawalpindi based flying school. Now I am working as an Instructor with a well-known aviation setup.

Miss.Kashmala Amin: When and where were you born?

Mr. Muhammad Danish: I was born in Peshawar in July 1995.

Miss.Kashmala Amin: Similarly, please tell our readers about your family background, as well as about your family members including your parents, brothers & sisters, etc.

Mr. Muhammad Danish: My family basically belongs to Peshawar. My father is serving on a key post in PAF. My mother is a housewife. I have one younger sister and one younger brother.

Miss.Kashmala Amin: Please provide a detailed description of your educational background.

Mr. Muhammad Danish: I have done most of my early education from the PAF schooling system till my intermediate, After that, I have done my graduation from the University of Peshawar and that, I started my aviation studies at a well-known flying school in Pakistan.

Miss.Kashmala Amin: What was your favorite subject and which subject did you not like?

Mr. Muhammad Danish: My favorite subject was physics and I don’t like mathematics.

Miss.Kashmala Amin: Please provide a detailed description of your professional or business background.

Mr. Muhammad Danish: I have chosen the aviation sector as my profession because it was my passion to become a pilot from my childhood. As I also applied to join the Pakistan air force as a fighter pilot but due to some medical concerns I was not selected by the final selection board. This was indeed a hurting moment for me but I never quite the struggle. After my graduation, I came to know about the private pilot license. So I applied for it and after successful 2 years of training and ground schooling, I am a certified aviator now.

Miss.Kashmala Amin: Please describe the company or organization you are currently involved with.

Mr. Muhammad Danish: I am currently working with a well-known institution as an instructor. This institution is working under Pakistan’s civil aviation authority. Where we provide quality aviation education to young students who are there to do a commercial pilot license. As a flying instructor, it’s my job duty and responsibility to instruct them all the basics and thorough learning of flying.

Miss.Kashmala Amin: Your role & responsibilities in this company or organization?

Mr. Muhammad Danish: I am currently enrolled as a flying instructor, My job is to teach and instruct all subjects related to flying. Give them all the basics of flying and aviation-related subjects.

Miss.Kashmala Amin: What is the nature of the business of this company/organization?

Mr. Muhammad Danish: It’s a flying school which provides a flying license to interested students.


Miss.Kashmala Amin: Please put light upon the struggle, hardships, and ups & downs you faced during your professional life.

Mr. Muhammad Danish: Life is the name of struggle and failure. There are many ups and downs in your personal as well as professional life. I have also faced many issues related to my profession. There was a time when I didn’t know how I will do work here. But with time, I was able to get enough command on my job duty that I am now doing my work with full passion.

Miss.Kashmala Amin: Why did you select this profession/business?

Mr. Muhammad Danish: It was my own choice to become a pilot was my passion. That is why I choose aviation as my career

Miss.Kashmala Amin: How many countries have you traveled to?

Mr. Muhammad Danish: I haven’t traveled to any country yet.

Miss.Kashmala Amin: What do you say about the positive & negative impacts of the technological & communicational revolution?

Mr. Muhammad Danish: In today’s global economy, getting on the technology bandwagon is unavoidable to a certain degree. Even so, you don’t need to stop every traditional communications strategy that’s valuable to your business just because email and texting are so convenient. Technology has transformed the workforce into a mobile workforce. This means that people can work from home or from anywhere in the world, and can collaborate with team members via cell phones, internet resources, or video conferencing. This creates employees who are more productive and happier, and who have greater flexibility in work hours and their location. Mobile workers can access all relevant forms, information, and company materials in the same way as in-office employees.

Miss.Kashmala Amin: How do you see the current political situation in Pakistan?

Mr. Muhammad Danish: The current political situation of Pakistan is not going well, opposition and other parties are doing long marches and campaigns against the ruling party. Which is not giving a good impression of Pakistan to the international world.

Miss.Kashmala Amin: Are you satisfied with the progress of the government?

Mr. Muhammad Danish: Not really, there are few things which they should do for the betterment of the country.

Miss.Kashmala Amin: What do you think are the major issues of Pakistan today?

Mr. Muhammad Danish: The key problems of today include water scarcity; the lack of sustainable development projects; an increasingly unemployed youth population; the lack of focusing on human development projects; a continuous reduction in the foreign exchange reserves; the increase in non-developmental expenditures.

Miss.Kashmala Amin: What do you think are the main factors and reasons behind these issues & problems?

Mr. Muhammad Danish: Lack of planning and efficient working team. There are many corrupt entities in the system till now.

Miss.Kashmala Amin: What do you think are the possible solutions to these issues & problems?

Mr. Muhammad Danish: They should work according to proper planning and concern person of that respective field to be placed in his relevant place.

Kashmala Amin

The Assistant Sub Editor at the All Round View
Kashmala Amin is a dynamic and motivated young writer. She is engaged with the All Round View and the Midnight Posts as Assistant Sub Editor. She possesses good writing and communication skills. She is currently an internee at Tri-Mesh (Pvt.) Ltd. and a Reviewing Agent at Amazon. She has been a volunteer in different events, organized by US Consulate Peshawar. She has done moderation as well as participated in many debates’ competition in school, college, and university level. She has worked voluntarily at 16 days of activism against gender-based violence. She has been awarded with many certificates for different events in which she has participated.
Kashmala Amin

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