Interview of Mr. Aasim Aslam taken By Miss. Moeeza Tanveer. | All Round View

Interview of Mr. Aasim Aslam taken By Miss. Moeeza Tanveer.

Aasim Aslam, Writer, Social & Political Analyst (All Round View File Photo)

Miss.Moeeza Tanveer is a young dynamic freelancer. She is leading the role of the Editor at the All-Round View & the Midnight Posts. She took an interview with Mr.Aasim Aslam in November 2020.

Mr.Aasim Aslam is a young entrepreneur. He is an expert in marketing, project management, and digital communication niche. He is leading the role of the Managing Editor at All Round View & Midnight Posts. He is also the senior project manager at Tutors Gateway (Pvt.) Ltd. Apart from that, he is also the founder and the Chief Executive Officer at Tri-Mesh (Pvt.) Ltd. He also completed internships in governmental organizations such as the Railway Carriage Factory and the Railway Central Diesel Locomotive Workshop in Rawalpindi during the early days of his career.

Miss.Moeeza Tanveer: Please mention your good self in detail including your full name, your professional, business, political, or social background, etc. for the readers of All Round View

 Mr. Aasim Aslam: I’m Aasim Aslam.Student of Mechanical Engineering  UET-P. I’m Running My own         Business named Tri-Mesh Marketing (SMC-Pvt). Ltd. I’m also an active political member and social worker.

Miss.Moeeza Tanveer: When and where were you born? 

Mr. Asim Aslam: I was born on 24th June 1999 in Village Seri p/o Lassan Nawab Tehsil and District, Mansehra.

Miss.Moeeza Tanveer: Please put light upon your early life. 

Mr. Aasim Aslam:  I have done my early schooling from a Government Institute then for further studies, I shifted to another city and did Fsc from GPG college no 1 Abbottabad. 

Miss.Moeeza Tanveer: Important incidents related to your childhood/early life.

Mr. Aasim Aslam: I was very naughty in childhood. I used to quarrel with my friends all the time. I remember we were three friends. We fainted a dog together and sold it to another village. When I returned home my father hit me a lot, it was my first and last stealing. 

Miss.Moeeza Tanveer: Please provide a detailed description of your educational background.

Mr. Aasim Aslam:  Already told you about my early schooling. I have done my FSC from Abbottabad college and then cleared my Etea. After that, I took admission in UET-P, and now I’m in the 5th semester doing mechanical engineering.

Miss.Moeeza Tanveer: What was your favorite subject and which subject did you not like?

Mr. Aasim Aslam:  My favorite subject was maths and I used to hate chemistry the most.

Miss.Moeeza Tanveer: Please provide a detailed description of your professional or business background.

Mr. Aasim Aslam:  I’ve started my business in the 2nd semester. At the start, I earned nothing but learned a lot. Along with that, I’ve worked with many firms in a good position. But on 2nd  June of 2020 during the lockdown, I started my own Marketing company named “Tri-Mesh Marketing” and now my company is fully registered with SECP.

Miss.Moeeza Tanveer: Your role & responsibilities in this company or organization?

 Mr. Aasim Aslam: I am the Founder/Chairman& CEO of this Organization.

Miss.Moeeza Tanveer: What is the nature of the business of this company/organization?

Mr. Aasim Aslam:  It’s a Digital Marketing Company.  

Miss.Moeeza Tanveer: Please provide a detailed description of companies or organizations you were involved with in the past including your roles & responsibilities in these companies or organizations.

Mr. Aasim Aslam:  I’m the Chairman/Founder & CEO at TRI-MESH MARKETING (SMC-PRIVATE) LIMITED and managing editor at ARV, along with that I’m a Senior Project Manager At Tutor Gateway(Pvt). Ltd.

Miss.Moeeza Tanveer: Why did you select this profession/business?

Mr. Aasim Aslam: Because it was my passion since my childhood.

Miss.Moeeza Tanveer: What is the importance of this business?

Mr. Aasim Aslam: Today’s era is digitalized. So digital marketing is growing and gaining strength and scope day by day. That’s why this business is important.

Miss.Moeeza Tanveer: How do you see the future for this industry?

Mr.Aasim Aslam:  The world is becoming digitalized day by day so I guess our industry would grow rapidly in the next 4-5 years because we’re also entering into the digital world.

Miss.Moeeza Tanveer: What do you say about the positive & negative impacts of the technological & communicational revolution?

Mr.Aasim Aslam: The positive impact of technology is more than its negative impacts but it totally depends on us how we utilize it.


Miss.Moeeza Tanveer: Please put light upon your social and political background. Your political & social associations or affiliations.

Mr.Aasim Aslam: I’ve been a social worker since matric. And also worked with different societies. I  arranged different events at our university as well.

Miss.Moeeza Tanveer: Please provide detail about the organization, group, or political party with which you are attached at present.

Mr.Aasim Aslam:  Political party GPM, Ngo KIIR, ASME,

Miss.Moeeza Tanveer: Are you satisfied with the progress of the government?

Mr.Aasim Aslam:  NO I am not satisfied..because our policies are not stable. 

Miss.Moeeza Tanveer: What do you think are the major issues of Pakistan today?

Mr.Aasim Aslam:  corruption, lack of jobs, and education.

Miss.Moeeza Tanveer: What do you think are the main factors and reasons behind these issues & problems?

Mr. Aasim Aslam:  Corruption and the education system.

Miss.Moeeza Tanveer: What do you think are the possible solutions to these issues & problems?

Mr.Aasim Aslam: The only solution for these problems is that first of all the corruption should be ended as soon as possible. After that, the government should arrange different free programs and training for the youth so that they can learn different skills. We have to bring our youth towards success by making their mind for business.

Miss.Moeeza Tanveer: What are your hobbies?

Mr.Aasim Aslam:  I usually do or like reading and traveling etc.

Miss.Moeeza Tanveer: Do you study regularly?

Mr.Aasim Aslam:  yes.

Miss.Moeeza Tanveer: Which books are your favorite books?

Mr.Aasim Aslam: Holy Quraan

Miss.Moeeza Tanveer: Do you watch movies?

Mr.Aasim Aslam:  Yes.

Miss.Moeeza Tanveer: Who is your favorite actor & actress?

Mr.Aasim Aslam:  Imran Abbas.

Miss.Moeeza Tanveer: Who is your favorite singer/musician?

Mr.Aasim Aslam: Nusrat fateh Ali khan.

Miss.Moeeza Tanveer: What is your opinion about music?

Mr.Aasim Aslam: It’s better for Relaxation.

Moeeza Tanveer

The Editor at the All Round View
Moeeza Tanveer is an active bachelor student of English Literature and linguistics, and a young dynamic freelancer. She is leading the role of the Editor at the All Round View & the Midnight Posts. She is also working as a reporting manager at Tutors Gateway (Pvt.). She possesses good writing skills. She writes on social issues.
She has a good track record in her academic life. She knows how to keep balance between Academics and co-curricular activities. She’s a great communicator and a good manager. She is also working with Tri-mesh (Pvt.) Ltd, as a proof-reader manager, and leads a content writing team with full energy and experience. Hence, she is a social butterfly and a perfect blend of disciplined person, a leader in her-self and a kind soul.
Moeeza Tanveer

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