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India-China Conflict: India to test missile this week

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Tuesday morning (around 10 a.m. Indian Standard Time), the Indian Army carried out a test of the 290-kilometre range Brahmos missile from the Car Nicobar Islands against a target 200 kilometres away in the Bay of Bengal, according to an Indian Army statement. The statement adds (all sic): “The land-attack version of BrahMos with the capability of cruising at 2.8 Mach speed is the cutting edge of the Indian Army since 2007. The present Block III version of the missile has successfully executed four operational launches in the past. With the upgraded capability the missile can hit targets at a range of up to 400 Km [kilometres] with precision.”

Indian media reports also note that the Indian Navy and the Air Force will also carry out similar tests during the week, with a Defense Ministry source telling the Times of India, “The requisite advance warnings to aircraft and ships in the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal has been issued.”

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