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Imran Khan’s Vision of one million jobs for Pakistani Youngsters.

Naeem Ashraf Moughal (All Round View File Photo)

Despite of many difficulties in streamlining the present socio economic situation in Pakistan, Imran Khan has undoubtedly proved himself a sincere and well-wisher for the nation. While stepping into Government office, he promised 1 million jobs for young Pakistanis. The promise is a kind of hope booster for a nation which is always misled and miss promised by the leaders. Due to heavy corruption and foreign loans, the nation has to suffer from unemployment, poverty, and further corruption. Although Khan’s promise seems a bit unrealistic but it is not impossible. In this article, I will give brief suggestions to achieve the goal.

Imran Khan’s Government must take following measures in order to fulfill the promise of jobs for youngsters.

  • Change in the prevailing education system. Current education system creates graduates with degrees which are not required by the market any more. Government of any country cannot provide jobs to all the people. Our graduates have only one aim while studying in the Universities to get the government jobs as soon as they pass the degree. The result is not hidden. Many graduates are left with poverty. The bogus education system is incapable of equipping the graduates to be entrepreneur. The system also has an adverse effect in creating negative attitude among graduates for manual work, or the work which require physical labor. The system must be replaced.
  • Our education system is far from the reality. A university graduate is incapable of running a grocery business even. So one may ask the use of this education system. All the developed countries have practical education. Their graduates learn what is required in the present market. That is the reason Bill Gate developed windows while he was student. Whereas we play number games in our institutions.

As long as we stick with this system, Imran Khan cannot create even 100 jobs throughout his complete life. The system will only boost low esteemed clerks with low morale and disappointments.

What we need to do:

  • Education system should be skill based. These skills can be Accounting, Automobile, Languages, and Logistics, aeronautical. Tourisms and many more. A skilled person will not stay unemployed. He will create jobs for himself as well as for others. One skilled person can employee at least two others.
  • Skill based education also boost the positive attitude and confidence among individuals. Skilled people are always optimistic and ready to work. As a result the skilled person not only lives his life happily, he also encourages others and provides work for them.
  • Universities should be given incentives and targets to equip students with the relevant education so that their graduates should contribute positively towards the society.

In UAE I know many Pakistanis who are graduates of IBA, well known engineering universities from around the Pakistan but they are working for people who used to be Brick Masson, Electricians, and Plumbers etc. These low profession people are still not able to sign the papers even but they are providing jobs to many graduates. In Pakistan Malik Riyaz is the living example.

Skilled people will create synergistic effect in the job markets and the target to reach 1 million jobs will be crossed in next two years. Skilled people will also bring new markets which require new employees. Therefore, Khan needs to concentrate on Skill Based education if he really wants to lift the socio economic situations of Pakistanis.


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