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Ice Berg Beneath the Ocean

All Round View(Peshawar):

We often think a Maulvi to be a pious person, a doctor to be a saint person, a lawyer to be a liar person, what we forget is the personality that still dwells within that maulvi, that doctor, that lawyer.

Education, an instrument which has multi-dimensional effects on it’s seeker’s life and mindset. Some change view about women due to degree in Humanism, some changes view about economy development and it’s strategies due to degree in BBA, some changes it faith even, due to their touch with atheist minded writers, some merely become modern (in appearance) by changing their wardrobe. Hence if education is the sun, different personalities absorb different wavelength of rays from it. So, if one get qualified as a religious scholars, the qualified scholars absorbed the rays of its kind, or if provided with a dedicated learned teacher this degree can change his personality with 180 angle (which is rarely a case ) .So, Judgement has its rule ,firstly don’t ever-generalize and secondly, check personality before degree. Personality according to psychologist is the relatively permanent pattern of behavior, thinking and emotion, which have evolved through our life span .Education is what we acquire in our 16 or 18 years of education.So, if time duration is taken into account, personality has more leverage over education. If wild guess is made personality has its root clinked earlier and hence stronger than education. Unless some great educational experience is under taken, personality controls a man more.

Judgement, has its rules. Judging a person wholly solely on the basis of specific education attained, is misleading. We often forget the ice berg beneath the ocean(Personality), while analyzing the ice berg above the ocean.

Ayesha Gul

The Assistant Sub Editor at the All Round View
Ayesha Gul is a young, passionate and dedicated writer, poet and sketch artist. She has done M.Sc. in psychology from Peshawar university with the title of being a gold medalist. She is engaged with the All Round View and the Midnight Posts as Assistant Sub Editor. She possesses good writing skills. She writes about reality of life, nature, philosophy and imaginary world. Her writings are full of rich English vocabulary. Apart from that she is also teaching English at Forward Public School, where she was awarded as the best English teacher.
Ayesha Gul

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