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Gas Outages in Peshawar, KPK

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All Round View (Charsadda): With the decrease in temperature, domestic consumption of natural gas increases, natural gas is use to sustain the chilly weather domestically. The KPK produces natural gas more than its needs and under Article 158 of the constitution, its needs should to be met before the additional gas is supplied to other provinces. For the same reason nationalist party ANP of the KPK always stress the point that gas and electricity should be provide to us on cheap rates, and gas outages in KPK is strictly against the law.
In winter season the consumption increases domestically, also gas is used for the generation of electricity, due to major production plants annual maintenance, which shorts the supply to the domestic and industrial consumer, but the current economic conditions of the country did not allow for the decrease in industrial production, so the stress is bear mostly by the domestic consumer.
The petition was filed by the lawyer in KPK against the gas outages in Peshawar, KPK, and in that petition he seek interim relief in the shape of gas supply to consumers during the current winter season, where temperature drops to the very significant figure. The bench observed that the application seeking orders for respondents, including the SNGPL, to provide natural gas to Peshawar would be taken up with the main petition. While as per proposal the respondents would improve the gas pressure, so that the domestic consumer can use it against the winter season as a shield, especially in chilly winter months of January- March 2021. The petition requests the court to declare the non-supply of natural gas and its load shedding in province illegal and against Article 158 of the Constitutions.
The respondents are Ministry of Energy and Power Division through its secretary, KP government through its chief secretary, and Sui Northern Gas pipeline Limited through its chief executive. Deputy attorney general Aamir Javed and additional advocate general Atif Ali Khan represented the federal and KP governments, respectively. Whereas Advocate Mehwish Muhib Kakakhael appeared for the petitioner and said that in accordance with Article 158 of the constitution, it was the right of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to receive natural gas supply on priority basis as the province had been producing natural gas more than its needs.
Gas had been supplied only for few hours in several areas, while in others the gas pressure was too low to be utilized for domestic usage. The government need to provide the natural gas to the KPK on priority basis, as it is their due right otherwise the elders and children will suffer the most. Meanwhile the court fixed January 11 for the next hearing into the case.

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