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Corruption in Afghanistan.

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All Round View(Peshawar): In Afghanistan, corruption has many forms and manifestation. With great wretchedness, corruption in Afghanistan is endemic and has infiltrated into all parts of the state, adversely affecting the ability of the Afghan government to maintain security and deliver basic public services. It also becomes public now, and increasingly embedded in social practices. Regrettably, patronage politics and bribery become an acceptable party of daily life, and this continues despite immense pressure by the international community, especially the donor countries. Establishing various anti-corruption bodies also failed to deal with this stark reality that diminished the reputation of Afghanistan in the world. According to the Corruption Perception Index 2019 of Transparency International, Afghanistan is one of the top corrupt countries out of 180 countries.

“We could provide some different foods for our families in the past, but this is very hard now to provide different meals,” Shima Hazrati, a teacher in Kabul city says.

She believes that administration corruption is the main reason for Afghans’ miseries, saying that the people did not feel positive changes in their lives even as billions of dollars were donated to the country.

“We Afghans including teachers didn’t see any change in our lives in the past 19 years despite the donation of billions of dollars. I think that administration corruption is the main reason for our miseries,” she said Wednesday.

According to a report issued by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR), the United States only donated 130 billion dollars to different sections in Afghanistan since 2002.

But the ordinary people still complain of poverty and joblessness.

“We do not have an airport in Bamyan province, we do not have electricity there, we have nothing and this puts a bad impact on the people because all the donated money was misused,” says Abdul Khaleq Bamyani, a construction worker from the central province of Bamyan now working in Kabul.

“People have lots of problems and corruption has made the distance between people and the government. Everyone in government offices is corrupt. The people are really tired of this situation,” Abdul Karim, a shopkeeper in the northeastern province of Badakhshan said.

The international community asks the government of Afghanistan to fight corruption, a demand repeated for several times.

The donor states and organizations in a recent conference held in Geneva pledged to donate 13 billion dollars for the next four years to Afghanistan. The donation this time is condition-based and Kabul has been called to seriously fight corruption.

The government must translate its promises to action and take immediate and extensive efforts to fight corruption in the relative organs. The ordinary Afghans want to change in Afghanistan. They want an end to corruption and a commitment to security. This is not too much to ask; rather this is their right to ask. It strongly believes that the billions of foreign aids that come to Afghanistan are lost to corruption. This must be stopped. The government can deal with corruption if it introduces merit-based appointments of judges and independent judicial services commission, and also establish an independent and well-resourced anti-corruption agency that is based on the United Nations Convention against corruption framework and involves civil society. And the most important step toward the elimination of corruption is that all senior civil servants, politicians and senior staff in executive, legislative and judicial sectors must publish asset declarations – it should be verified and monitored to ensure that no one is using their position of power for personal enrichment. This is the best and simple way to fight the menace of corruption.

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Shanzay Shah

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