Coronavirus: Universities to direct understudy mass migration for Christmas | All Round View

Coronavirus: Universities to direct understudy mass migration for Christmas

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All Round View (Mardan): A clearing style plan will aim to get students home securely for Christmas.

Understudies in England are to be apportioned flight dates during a “student travel window” between 3 and 9 December, to limit the danger of them spreading Covid-19. In Wales, they are being approached to go by 9 December at the latest.

Many will be offered quick results tests, while instructing will move online from 3 December in Wales and 9 December in England. The Scottish government needs whatever number as would be prudent of the 80,000 or so students returning home for Christmas to be offered intentional tests before they travel.

Northern Ireland is expected to make plans for students’ return in the coming days.

One group said the plan for a week-long travel window in England “leaves little room for error”.

Universities Minister Michelle Donelan said that the government chose the week after the four-week national lockdown in England ends on 2 December just because “students will pose a much-reduced risk to their loved ones and their community”.

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