China & Pakistan should jointly work to combat novel corona virus. Global Times | All Round View

China & Pakistan should jointly work to combat novel corona virus. Global Times

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All Round View (Beijing): Under current situation in the wake of new corona virus, China and Pakistan should stick together for preventing interference from other countries to amplify threat of epidemic in China and working jointly to ensure China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) projects progress smoothly to benefit local people.

Indeed, the novel corona virus outbreak has been a huge challenge for China. The Chinese health ministry had reported over 28,000 confirmed cases of the corona virus infection nationwide so far with the death toll rising to 563.

However, China will never leave the CPEC project unfinished, nor will it let this flagship project collapse, despite domestic difficulties, according to an article published by Global Times on Thursday. The country and its people are combating deadly pneumonia through all means possible.

China has confidence that it can quell the virus and restore a normal order. As a responsible country, China has taken the most vigorous measures to stop the spread of the corona virus overseas. Worries that the virus could spread via the CPEC can be allayed through necessary precautionary measures. “We believe Pakistan has faith in China.

Late last week, media reported the CPEC remains functional despite the coronavirus.

“As far as the CPEC is concerned, those who are working on the project in Pakistan and those who are arriving from China will be properly screened.

Moreover, transportation between the two countries has not been interrupted.

The CPEC has been a flagship project of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and benefits local people through the improvement of public facilities.

Building facilities to ensure adequate electricity supply and construction of local motorways and ports as part of the CPEC projects have laid the foundation for future economic development in Pakistan.

New measures to lower bilateral tariff levels under the upgraded Free Trade Agreement between China and Pakistan took effect on January 1 and have provided buttress for the manufacturing and services industries in Pakistan.

Pakistan’s economy should be soon ready for take-off. For that reason, the CPEC should not be suspended.

It said “China is willing to carry through the project, but it requires more support from Pakistan. We hope Pakistani authorities can facilitate the progress of CPEC projects, encouraging local people to adopt a rational attitude toward the corona virus epidemic.”