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Surging conflicts and instability raising cost of feeding hungry world: UN agency

All Round View (United Nations): Improved aid access, strengthened resilience and advances in food system networks could provide as much as $3.5 billion in annual cost savings at a time when humanitarian needs are skyrocketing in multiple complex emergencies across the globe, a new United Nations study has found. “More

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Pakistan calls for more democracy to reform UN Security Council

All Round View (United Nations): The UN General Assembly has decided to continue the stalled negotiations to reform the Security Council in the next Assembly session, with Pakistan emphasizing that the 15-member body’s restructuring should be guided by the principles of democracy and equitable representation. Adopting the oral decision titled

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Record high number of civilians losing lives in Afghanistan’s “Ugly war”: UN Report

All Round View (United Nations): Civilians lives – including those of women and children – continue to be lost at record high levels amid a worsening toll of suicide attacks, the UN mission in Afghanistan said Monday, calling on anti-government forces to stop attacks against civilians as well as on

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One in 10 babies received no vaccinations in 2016 – UN Agencies

All Round View (United Nations): Nearly one in 10 infants worldwide, or 12.9 million, received no vaccinations in 2016, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the World Health Organization (WHO) have said, urging greater efforts to extend the reach of health services. Those infants missed the critical first dose

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US healthcare system worst among 11 developed nations: Study

All Round View (Washington): A latest study has found the US healthcare system the worst among 11 developed nations at a time when the country is deeply divided over the issue of healthcare coverage in the wake of efforts by the Trump administration to introduce a new law. The study

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Modi’s bid to transform India into ‘Hindu nation’ adversely impacting Muslims: New York Times

All Round View (New York): Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s current drive to transform India into a “Hindu nation” has drowned out his election pledge for development and economic growth, a leading American newspaper said in a dispatch focused on the rise of anti-Muslim politician Yogi Adityanath. Reporting from New

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IMF report praises Pakistan government for strengthening macroeconomic resilience

All Round View (Washington): The International Monetary Fund Thursday released the country report on Pakistan, praising the government for strengthening macroeconomic resilience, saying the country’s outlook for economic growth is favorable with real GDP estimated at 5.3 percent in FY 2016/17 and strengthening to 6 percent over the medium-term. “Macroeconomic

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Global politics obstructing settlement of Kashmir and Palestine issues: Maleeha

All Round View (New York): Big power politics have stood in the way of promoting peaceful solutions for Kashmir and Palestine questions, according to Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United Nations Maleeha Lodhi, who made a clarion call for major powers to help in settling the “two oldest unresolved issues” in

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