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Cyril Ramaphosa Becomes South Africa’s President

All Round View (Islamabad): Cyril Ramaphosa has become South Africa’s President after embattled leader Jacob Zuma resigned. He was the only candidate nominated by parliament, which is dominated by his African national congress. Mps broke into song at the announcement. In his first presidential speech, Ramaphosa, said he would tackle

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South Africa’s Jacob Zuma Resigns After Pressure

All Round View (Islamabad): Cyril Ramaphosa is due to become South Africa’s President after embattled leader Jacob Zuma resigned. Mr Zuma was under intense pressure from his own ANC Party, which told him to step down or face a vote of no-confidence in parliament. In a televised statement, he said

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South African Police Raid House Of Gupta Family

All Round View (Johannesburg): South Africa’s elite police unit have raided the home of the controversial Gupta family in Johannesburg as the investigation into so-called state capture continues. Police said in a statement three people have been arrested so far, including one of the brothers, with two other people expected

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South Africa’s ANC ‘decides To Remove Zuma’

All Round View (Johannesburg): South Africa’s ruling ANC party will formally request that President Jacob Zuma step down after he refused to resign. The reported decision to “recall” Jacob Zuma followed marathon talks by senior party officials that continued into the early hours of Tuesday. If Zuma, 75, still does

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