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Biden and the Islamic world

Adeel Khalid, Writer, Social & Political Analyst (All Round View File Photo)

Islam-Phobia is an issue of Today’s world. After 9-11 and with the passage of time Islamic world and West are becoming two sides of a river which can flow on parallel sides but can’t meet at any place. Muslims are facing allegations of terrorism or financing terrorism and the realistic western world is not treating the by the reality.

Its a worldwide trend that all the election campaigns are based on Anti Islam basis in the Non Islamic world either by India’s Modi or by U.S. Donald Trump, We can see the Sentiments of Islam Phobia everywhere. Liberal and Innocent Muslims are trying to clarify them self and their religion at the same time. During last elections in the United States Donald Trump adopted a staunch stance against Muslims and the Islamic world and India’s Modi did the same by copying him.

Now the things are changing world wide. We are living in the 21st century where everything is not based on the blind faith and staunch slogans. Joe Biden was the vice president of United States during Obama’s regime and he was considered a person having soft corner and strong relations with the Muslim and the Islamic world. As a senator he also had the same repute regarding the Islamic world and Muslims.

Now same Joe Biden is the next Presidential Candidate of the Democratic Party for 2020 U.S Elections. He is realizing the Muslim Sentiments and trying to approach them and to get their support in his rallies and speeches, Last month he promised to change the Muslim discriminated Immigration policy on the very first day of his Presidency. if he get victorious in the 2020 elections.

During his speech he also confess about the discriminatory laws against the Muslims and promised to change them if he will get entry in the White House. as he is the first American Presidential Candidate who spoke to the Muslim community in the U.S.A and had strong feelings of the integrity and solidarity with them. Otherwise we observed the Anti-Islam election Campaigns specially after the that will be a sigh of relief if he gets success in the next elections otherwise Pro-Israel Trump will continue with his Anti Islam policies.

He also discussed about the  Impacts of the post 9-11 policies on the Muslims and the Islamic world, For over two decades Biden also supported the Palestinian Cause and their Freedom Struggle by giving the two states solution. He is also considered  pro-Kashmir U.S Senator and also He also  criticizes the Indian policies on Kashmir specially after the elimination of article 370 and 35 A from the Indian Constitution.

Joe Biden is very popular and getting more and more popularity day by day in American Muslims and also in the Islamic world. and According to the American Muslims and Palestinians, He is the last hope for bringing back Muslims on the International Forums, Best of Luck Dear Biden.

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