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Are sports and academics are equally important ?

Mehreen Mujahid, Writer, Social & Political Analyst (All Round View File Photo)

Academics have been considered to be the most important aspect of ones success and growth of mind. Sports have always been a matter of advantage through the years it has been proven that sports is equally important. Sports cannot only build your physical health but also make your mental health. Playing a sport should not be restricted to an age group. Anybody and anytime can play sports. This is in turn playing of sports can also help you to deal with the mental stress of examination or academic pressure.
“Healthy brain needs healthy body “is what person strives for. Kids especially need a healthy brain concentrating and looking upon your academics is equally important than spending time in rest of the activities.
Sports have always played an essential and effective role in the development of a kids mind and body. Sports comprises of all kind of physical activities that help in making a person healthy and fit, it includes indoor games and outdoor sports that enables kids to enhance their physical strength and fitness along with logical reasoning and critical thinking. Sports also greatly help in reducing stress.
Academics and sports needs to be given equal importance, maintaining balance between them is a difficult task but is doable. A person tends to become responsible and his understanding for various aspect increases. A person has a better sense of understanding as while playing sports and doing academics you need a goal.

Mehreen Mujahid

The Sub Editor at the All Round View
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Mehreen Mujahid