An interview with Miss Sharafat Jamala by Mariam Batool | All Round View

An interview with Miss Sharafat Jamala by Mariam Batool

Miss Mariam Batool Mariam Batool: a young news editor at All round view, currently studying Psychology at Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University. She took interview with Miss Sharafat Jamala in December 2020.

Miss Sharafat Jamala is a versatile personality at Govt. Girls Degree College Alizai serving as a librarian. She is leading the role of BS coordinator as well as a motivational speaker. 

Miss Mariam Batool: Please mention about your good self in detail including your full name, your professional, business, political or social background etc. for the readers of All Round View.

Miss Sharafat Jamala: My name is Sharafa Jamala, I came from an educated family. I live in Peshawar, I studied here in Peshawar. In 2007 I done my first master’s degree in Library & Information Science. After that I done with master’s in education and MBA. In 2011 I got a job as a librarian. I couldn’t continue my education. Now a days I’m serving Govt. Girls Degree College Alizai Lower Kurram. I have social connections with very few people.

Miss Mariam Batool: When and where were you born?

Miss Sharafat Jamala: On 2nd Feb, 1983 I was born in Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Miss Mariam Batool: Any important incident, point or reference related to your birth, date of birth or birth place etc?

Miss Sharafat Jamala: My grandmother died on same day, 2nd Feb, 2002.

Miss Mariam Batool: Similarly, please tell our readers about your family background, as well as about your family members including your parents, brothers & sisters etc.

Miss Sharafat Jamala: I belong to a well-educated family; my father was a police inspector and mother is a housewife. I have two brothers, three sisters elder than me and one sister, two brothers younger. Elders are married and they have happy families, me and younger are bachelors.

Miss Mariam Batool: Please put light upon your early life.

Miss Sharafat Jamala: My early life was simple but full of joy and happiness.

Miss Mariam Batool: Please provide detailed description about your educational background.

Miss Sharafat Jamala: I studied in government school of Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, in 2000 I’ve done matriculation from GGHS Islamic Collegiate Peshawar, FSc from Jinnah International college Peshawar in 2002, BSc computer science from University of Peshawar in 2004. In 2007 I done masters in Library and information science. After that done master’s in education as well as MBA in HRM. In 2011 I got government job in education department and serving GGDC Alizai Lower Kurram since that. Nowadays I’m interested to take admission in M.phil in management sciences.

Miss Mariam Batool: What was your favourite subject and which subject did you not like?

Miss Sharafat Jamala: Computer science and mathematics were my favorite subjects but there was no subject to disliked.

Miss Mariam Batool: Please mention the struggles and hardships that you faced during your educational/academic life.

Miss Sharafat Jamala: My father was one of the loyal and honest officer and we belong to middle class. It was obvious to face hardships for getting an education. We all siblings start struggles to achieve good education and we succeed in our efforts.

Miss Mariam Batool: Anything that you wanted but could not achieve related to education?

Miss Sharafat Jamala: Yes, I couldn’t achieve PhD degree.

Miss Mariam Batool: Please provide detailed description about your professional or business background.

Miss Sharafat Jamala: Currently I am serving GGDC Alizai Lower Kurram as a librarian, but performing different duties. I took responsibility of BS coordinators, as well as controller of examination, motivational speaker, taking classes with different grades and many more.

Miss Mariam Batool: Please provide description about the company or organization you are currently involved with.

Miss Sharafat Jamala: Govt. Girls Degree College Alizai Lower is an educational institution located in lower Kurram.

Miss Mariam Batool: Your role & responsibilities in this company or organization?

Miss Sharafat Jamala: I am performing different roles like member of admission committee, chief proctor, program manager, stage secretary, motivational speaker, focal person and coordinator.

Miss Mariam Batool: What is the nature of business of this company/organization?

Miss Sharafat Jamala: It is a govt. Teaching institute.

Miss Mariam Batool: Please mention your achievements and failures related to your profession/business.

Miss Sharafat Jamala: I was selected for well reputed University of Islamabad but unfortunately I can’t pursue that job due to some domestic problems, which is the major failure of my professional life. After that in February 2011, I was qualified PCS interview and selected.

Miss Mariam Batool: Why did you select this profession/business?

Miss Sharafat Jamala: Earlier I liked this profession but now I’m not satisfied that’s why I’m in search of another job.

Miss Mariam Batool: What is the importance of this business?

Miss Sharafat Jamala: This is not business; it is an educational institute.

Miss Mariam Batool: How do you see the future for this industry?

Miss Sharafat Jamala: Literally I’m not good in future for casting.

Miss Mariam Batool: Please provide brief description about your home or the place where you are living at the moment.

Miss Sharafat Jamala:  I’m living in Peshawar since my birth, I spent my entire life here that’s why having emotional attachment. Peshawar is the land of hospitality, and one of the best cities of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Miss Mariam Batool: How many countries have you travelled?

Miss Sharafat Jamala: I visited three countries: Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Iran.

Miss Mariam Batool: Any comparison between our country and these countries?

Miss Sharafat Jamala: No doubt all these countries are Muslim lands and some of their customs and values may be same but personally I like my own homeland.

Miss Mariam Batool: How do you compare the life standards and values of these countries with the Pakistani society?

Miss Sharafat Jamala: Each country has their own culture, customs, norms, values and traditions, so it varies country to country. As I mentioned earlier that I have some emotional attachments with my own country so I think that Pakistani society is having somewhat mixed cultured which I think is elegant.

Miss Mariam Batool: What do you think are the positive and negative things in our society or country?

Mariam Batool

The Assistant Sub Editor at the All Round View
Marium Batool is a dynamic and dedicated young writer. She is a young and skillful student of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Women University. She is engaged with the All Round View and the Midnight Posts as Assistant Sub Editor. She possesses good writing and communication skills. In college she participated in every sport, speech competition and other activities. She got many sports and debate certificates at collage and district level. She also received student of the year award in college.
Mariam Batool

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