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All Round View is envisioned to be an Online News & Information Portal as a “Centralized Source of Credible, Authentic and Unbiased News & Comprehensive Information” that is frequently updated facilitating people read latest news, columns & articles, reports & thesis, research papers, reviews etc. from all over the world. Apart from that, in “All Round View”, we have categorized huge amount of information under various sections & headings i.e. Countries & Nations, Religions & Ideologies, Societies & Cultures, Defense & Security, Languages & Dialects, Business & Economy, Finance & Investment, Jobs & Careers, Men & Women, Youth & Children, Arts & Crafts, Health & Sanitation, Foods & Cooking, Beauty & Fitness, Fashions & Life Styles, Showbiz & Glamour, Sports & Recreation, News & Media, Travel & Tourism, Literature & Music as well as information about famous & great Personalities of the world and much more. It also contains in depth information about all major Businesses, Industries, Organizations, Associations as well as prominent Political, Business, Social & Religious Leaders from all over the world. It also contains separate sections i.e. the “In Pictures” Section that is basically derived from the “News in Pictures” that contains photos under different categories. The “Interviews Section” contains interviews of famous & prominent figures from all over the world. The “Reports Section” contains important Reports under different categories. All this information collectively helps people analyze the facts and reach true conclusions about many things.

We have recently launched our News & Information Portal “All Round View”. We offer highly result-driven advertising programs. At present, the minimum number of daily visitors to our portal is approximately one thousand and five hundred with average time spent on the site in excess of 5 minutes that is expected to be increased exponentially in the nearest future. In fact, we would like you to become our business partner, and place Ad Banners of different sizes on our portals. A brief description about our web portals and our highly competitive banner rates are mentioned below.

Ref. Banner Dimensions Banner Rates (US Dollars)
3 Months Plan
6 Months Plan
One Year Plan
Two Years Plan
H-01 300 x 250 Pixels 300/= 500/= 750/= 1,200/=
H-02 250 x 250 Pixels 250/= 400/= 600/= 1,000/=
H-03 300 x 600 Pixels 500/= 750/= 1,000/= 1,500/=
H-04 250 x 500 Pixels 300/= 500/= 750/= 1,200/=
H-05 1220 x 150 Pixels 500/= 750/= 1,000/= 1,500/=
H-06 H 65 x 65 Pixels 200/= 300/= 500/= 750/=
H-07 F 65 x 65 Pixels 150/= 250/= 400/= 600/=
S-01 300 x 250 Pixels 250/= 400/= 600/= 1,000/=
S-02 250 x 250 Pixels 200/= 300/= 500/= 750/=
S-03 300 x 600 Pixels 350/= 500/= 750/= 1,200/=
S-04 250 x 500 Pixels 250/= 400/= 600/= 1,000/=
S-05 H 65 x 65 Pixels 150/= 250/= 400/= 600/=
S-06 F 65 x 65 Pixels 100/= 150/= 250/= 400/=
D-01 300 x 250 Pixels 200/= 300/= 500/= 750/=
D-02 250 x 250 Pixels 150/= 250/= 400/= 600/=
D-03 300 x 600 Pixels 300/= 500/= 750/= 1,200/=
D-04 250 x 500 Pixels 200/= 300/= 500/= 750/=
D-05 H 65 x 65 Pixels 100/= 150/= 250/= 400/=
D-06 F 65 x 65 Pixels 75/= 100/= 150/= 200/=

Additional Features:

  • 2 Tier Ad Box: Obtain a 2 Tier Ad Box with 25% extra charges.
  • 3 Tier Ad Box: Obtain a 3 Tier Ad Box with 50% extra charges.
  • 4 Tier Ad Box: Obtain a 2 Tier Ad Box with 60% extra charges.
  • 5 Tier Ad Box: Obtain a 2 Tier Ad Box with Double charges.

We assure you that you will find this portal an excellent platform; and it will ultimately provide unlimited opportunities to you and your organization in order to promote your Corporate Image and Identity globally, as our Portal “All Round View” is envisioned to be one of the Top Ranking Portals in the nearest future, Inshallah. We also assure you that you will not only like our work, but will also find us your true business partner in this discipline, and that it will prove to be a stepping stone towards a long lasting business relation between us, Inshallah.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Banner positions are subject to availability.
  2. Banner Rates mentioned above are for Ad Banners on our portal “All Round View” scattered over different pages.
  3. Discounts are available on special packages with more than one Ad Banner.
  4. A range of sponsorship packages are also available. To find out more information about these packages, please contact the sales team.
  5. Cost of development of Ad Banners is not included in rates mentioned above. Cost of development of Ad Banners is based on the extent of the design and layout, and can be quoted separately upon request if it is not already available.
  6. Content to be incorporated in Ads will require approval from the management of “All Round View”. Advertisers will be held accountable for all ad content
  7. We accept creative files in GIF, JPEG and SWF Flash formats
  8. Banner design can be replaced with new design once in a month.
  9. We reserve the right to suspend and/or terminate advertising campaigns that do not follow our guidelines.
  10. Rates and the associated terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.
  11. The Total Package Price is payable in advance and at the time of the confirmation of the agreement.
  12. Payments to be made via cheque in the name of All Round View.

Terms & Conditions for Video Ads:

  1. The total runtime of a video ad may not exceed 15 seconds
  2. Playback of a video ad may not exceed 2 looping cycles
  3. 40K initial load and up to 100K for streaming
  4. Polite file size: 80k for flash; 500k/lo bandwidth and 1MB/hi bandwidth for video
  5. All the video ads must have standard controls (i.e., play/pause, audio/mute, and stop).
  6. Audio must be user initiated on click
  7. The maximum frame rate is 18 frames per second, 12 frames per second is recommended
  8. Rapid flashing or shaking is not permitted
  9. Must feature play, pause, and stop controls
  10. In-banner video can be host or user-initiated up to 30 seconds and Audio must be user-initiated, except for in-banner video ads in expandable banners when expansion is on click. If expansion is on rollover/mouse-over, audio must be user-initiated on click.

Terms & Conditions for Audio Ads:

  1. The Audio Ads and Audios incorporated in Ads must be user-initiated by a click (rollover action is not acceptable)
  2. Advertising that features audio must have a mute control.

For advertising, please contact All Round View Sales & Marketing Department at

For more information, please contact Manager Sales & Marketing Department

For Press Releases, please contact our News Department at

The Management,
All Round View

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