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Afghan Peace Process Updates

US Taliban Peace Deal 2020 (All Round View File Photo)

All Round View (Charsadda): International community is interested to bring peace in Afghanistan, as the world is global village where every country is dependent on another specially its neighbors are of high significance. Every developmental or economic project in the country require at least a minimum level of peace, a hard border is barrier to trades, cultural exchange and people interactions, a country with soft borders with its neighbor is the symbol of peace in the region.

An attempts to bring peace and stability to Afghanistan in the past was unsuccessful, but the international community is now suffering from the regional instability, that’s why Afghanistan is on the spot light for world, intra afghan dialogue is in the process in parallel with the continuous violence by government and Taliban in Afghanistan, but this time Pakistan along with other allies are strongly supporting and backing the peace process. The talks began on September 12 at luxury hotel in Doha, but negotiation are currently on break until January 5. Faraidoon Khwazoon, a spokesman for Afghanistan’s High Council for Reconciliation and leading the peace process said “ The second round of talks will begin on January 5 in Doha.” And later tweeted that “The leadership committee of the council… decided to hold the talks in Doha.” And afghan presidency tweeted that Ghani and Abdullah, who heads the council for national reconciliation held a meeting on Sunday. And they discussed the venue for the next round of talks after which Ghani announced the government’s support for a second stage of talks with the Taliban. Several meeting were held before to discuss the disputes on the basic framework of discussions and religious interpretations.

Violence across Afghanistan in recent months has increased, which compel the body for renewing the negotiations.  Taliban in the past refused to negotiate in Afghanistan, but the government was in favor of Afghanistan as a venue, as they wanted the people to see the talks.

International community has the perception of Pakistan as a state-sponsoring terrorism that provides safe heaven to the terrorist groups. But the role of Pakistan in Afghanistan peace is witnessing the fact, that Pakistan is interested in regional peace, which is not possible until the country has a good relation with peaceful Kabul, in a statement spokesperson for the Foreign Office in Islamabad said: “While Pakistan’s efforts are acknowledged and the international community, we are concerned about some negative comments which continue to emanate from certain official as well as unofficial Afghan circles.”

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