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Adnan Siddiqui Is Truly Overwhelmed Over The Last Nights Event:


All Round View (Peshawar): Adnan Siddiqui is one of the top male actors in the Pakistani showbiz industry. She is a good and experienced actor, producer, model, and writer. Adnan is a co-host of Pakistani showbiz production house, Serial Entertainment, which has produced various dramas such as “Darar”, “Adat” and “Ghogi”.

Adnan Siddiqui was married to a charming actress Plow Wash Zaheer in 1999. The couple has three children.


Adnan Siddiqui recently shared a heartbreaking video on his Instagram account, where some children living around his house sing a birthday song on the street and wish him a happy birthday.

Adnan mentioned that this gesture last night by these boys left him speechless.


He added, “I am also grateful to all those who wished for me today. I am truly blessed to have so much love. Your love keeps me going. As I always say. “I have you.”

We wish Adnan Siddiqui a very happy birthday and a great year ahead!

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